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Preventative Maintenance

Regular Preventive Maintenance Performed By Your Trusted Experts at Foreign Affairs Motorsport in our Pompano Beach Service Location Will Keep Your Vehicle Performing at its Best.
PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE is just as crucial as factory scheduled services for your high performance vehicle.  In other words, it is only wise to deal with a small but potentially serious issue early-on before they become large and expensive repairs.

– With our vast experience and expertise, we know all about the weak links and failure points in many of today’s German brands and models.

– From a classic BMW 318i to an exotic Porsche 918 Spyder, our highly knowledgeable technicians know what to look for and can advise a preventive maintenance schedule to fit your specific needs.

– Our family at Foreign Affairs Motorsport in Pompano Beach will only treat your vehicle like it’s one of our own – we understand it’s your pride and joy.


Belts – Extreme temperatures, misalignment, and over or under-tensioned belts can cause premature wear. Preventive maintenance will identify and correct excessive wear/damage to belts and other drive components.

Hoses – Hoses have a finite service life and are prone to cracks, deterioration, and leakage. Preventive maintenance not only addresses hoses but also covers couplings and fluid/hydraulic components.

Brakes – Electronic anti-lock braking systems and disc brakes are highly coupled to various sensors and traction control systems. Sensors can often get jammed with regular wear and debris.  Preventive maintenance is essential to keep these sensors in working order and avoid any electronic system malfunctions.

Suspension – A few common symptoms of failing suspension components are poor handling, steering wheel vibrations, noises while turning, and excessive bouncing. All of these symptoms can be avoided by regular preventive maintenance. 

We are proud to employ only the best ASE Certified Technicians and Master Technicians at our facility.

Preventive Maintenance in Pampano Beach

Contact Foreign Affairs Motorsport (954-746-0488) at our Pompano Beach location today for more information regarding Preventive Maintenance on your particular vehicle!

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    Foreign Affairs were very professional and thorough. They were very attentive to my needs as I am a very meticulous person with my car. They communicated very well letting me know exactly what needed …
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    Dave Gonzales
    These guys know what they are doing. Truly professional service for the finest vehicles.
    Mr B
    We’ve been part of the Foreign Affairs family for years. I highly recommend them. Sincere customer service, honest appraisals and estimates, both on times and cost.  These guys always deliver on thei…
    Cindy D.
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    Kirk G.
    I have two BMWs that have been maintained by Foreign Affairs for the last two to three years. I have never had a problem that they couldn’t and didn’t fix, the first time. Typically, the repairs are d…
    Dan Doyle
    I met the experts at Foreign Affairs Motorsports sixteen years ago and have maintained a “family” style relationship with them to this day. They have maintained four different styles of Porsches for m…
    Ana Maria Sliger
    Great place to service your German vehicle at a reasonable price.
    Kenneth Rosa
    I’ve been buying and servicing cars for almost 40 years. I’ve found the team at Foreign Affairs Motorsports to not only extremely professional, courteous, and knowledgeable, but 100% honest and fair. …
    Bill G.
    Took my BMW for a lightbulb replacement!
    Better service than the rip offs I had to pay at Vista BMW!
    Great shop and honest! Will return again
    Temo C.
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