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5 Wear And Tear Repairs Your Next Audi Service Must See To

Audi Service

Audi has managed to build their reputation of being a brand that offers everything you’d expect from a premium German car manufacturer. The company has always managed to offer cars that have the right balance between performance, luxury, safety and reliability. A huge factor that has helped Audi maintain their reputation for reliability is their maintenance program where repairs are done before they break. While you can prevent issues like carbon build-up, there are five wear and tear repairs that should be seen to at your next Audi service.

Filter Replacement

Your Audi has several filters on it, to not only protect the car’s internals, but also to protect you and your passenger’s health. The pollen and dust filter should be replaced during every service. The pollen filter prevents pollen, dust, soot, and other airborne contaminants from entering your ventilation system, making sure that you don’t breathe any of it in while using your A/C or heater.

Oil, fuel, and air filters need to be replaced too, as these filters prevent contaminants that may aid in carbon build up in the engine. These contaminants may also cause damage should they make it into your engine, as well as cause decreased performance, increased emissions and consumption, and in extreme cases result in engine failure. For example, driving without an air filter allows pollen, dust and dirt to enter the engine, and when mixed with gasoline, can result in damage to your engine. These contaminants can be collected by your car’s oil, but in time and without the correct filter, will turn your oil into a sludge that lowers its lubricating properties.

Oil Change

Changing your car’s oil filter goes hand in hand with changing your car’s oil. it’s not recommended you change one without the other. Oil has two jobs, it not only keeps your engine lubricated, but also traps any debris and dirt in the engine. That’s why replacing the oil is important as it removes the trapped debris. another thing to remember is that the heat oil is exposed to slowly degrades the oil, making it less effective at lubrication.

Oil changes are also used as a way to inspect the engines health. If a mechanic finds metal shavings in your oil or finds the oil to be thicker than expected, it is an early warning sign that something else may be wrong with your car’s engine. At this point your Audi will also need to receive a new washer for the oil sump plug, to ensure the plug is torqued to spec and will not loosen or cause leaks.

Fluid Check

Your Audi uses several fluids to keep it running smoothly. Transmission fluid, brake fluid, headlight and windscreen washer fluid, and coolant levels are to be checked and topped off to the required levels during every service. Depending on your Audi’s model and spec, different fluids will be replaced at different service intervals, such as brake fluid being replaced every second year, and transmission fluids for cars equipped with a variable transmission (CVT) replaced at every service interval.

While fluids are being checked, your Audi will also be inspected for leaks, and include the repair of any leaks that are discovered, ensuring your Audi runs as smoothly as possible.

CAN Bus Inspection

All new Audis run a standard CAN Bus system. The CAN Bus system is the brain of the car and manages all the different systems in your car. If a light bulb is faulty, or the engine has recorded an error, the CAN Bus system stores all error codes, and a technician can inspect each error, repair it and clear the error code, as well as reset the service interval reminder. This system should be checked during your services for any faults.

Road Test and Five Point Test

While this is not a traditional repair, doing a full inspection of the car gives you an understanding of the condition your Audi is in. And while some service plans and service agents may repair or replace parts complimentary, larger maintenance jobs will most likely require an additional report back to tell you if they are still functioning as expected of if they need to be replaced or repaired. There are various Audi service plans on offer that provide additional maintenance packages to keep your vehicle in its best condition.

For all your Audi needs, whether it be a scheduled service, high performance modification, or you want to modify your Audi without voiding your warranty look no further than Foreign Affairs Motorsport, South Florida’s Premier German Auto Repair, Performance & Race Facility Since 1978

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