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Pompano Beach Automotive Air Conditioning Services

There’s nothing worse than a sweaty shirt on your back – we’re talking about those sticky Florida summer days when you hit the AC in your car, and nothing happens. No sweat, at Foreign Affairs Motorwerks we specialize in air conditioning services.

Don’t get hot under the collar, when you can let our team at Foreign Affairs Motorwerks fix it.

Common Vehicle AC Issues:

  • Broken or worn drive belts
  • Clogged, blocked or leaking condenser
  • Dirty or clogged cabin air filters
  • Clogged, blocked or leaking evaporator
  • Cabin fan resistor failure
  • Compressor seal failure
  • Cabin fan bearing failure
  • Compressor clutch failure
  • Water ingress into fan/evaporator assembly
  • Faulty refrigerant pressure switches
  • Climate control computer failure
  • Low refrigerant level (older vehicles)

Many air conditioning service problems can be traced to a low refrigerant level. The refrigerant is a gas and overtime seeps past seals and hoses, causing a lower system pressure. This is especially common in older vehicles. 

However, it may not be the only fault with the system, so it is good to have it properly diagnosed. We don’t recommend using ‘recharge kits’ that are readily available online unless you know what you are doing. Using these improperly often leads to over-pressurization of the system which can cause other components to fail. Any existing leaks will only be exacerbated.

AC Failure Warning Signs

Some AC systems are ‘kind’ and will give you a warning before they fail.

  1. Noise – an unusual noise when you switch the AC on (like a very loud clunk) or squealing sound could mean your compressor is giving notice.
  2. Scent – If your auto cabin smells strange, it might not be related to the takeout that you forgot under the seat. Moisture and bacteria buildup in the AC filter might cause your vehicle to smell.
  3. Temperature – Sometimes AC systems blow hot and cold. Unfortunately, this could mean that your compressor is dying.

A failed AC system in your performance car needs careful diagnosis and we aim to be transparent about the best solution for you. We use the latest technologies to diagnose your AC system and will often start with a full leak test using luminescent dye. 

Nothing is too minor (changing AC filters) or major (complete system rebuild) for our ASE-certified team. At Foreign Affairs Motorwerks we go that extra mile by cleaning your AC vents when we replace your cabin filter.  Why not pop into our Pompano Beach shop and let us give your auto AC a service?

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