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Ask An Auto Mechanic: What Are Some Of The Most Common Car Problems?


Every auto mechanic knows that certain car problems are more persistent than others. Many of these problems can occur when you least expect it and they can cost a lot to repair after you have broken down. This is why it’s best to take on a preventative approach by prioritizing scheduled maintenance on your car. Scheduled maintenance helps to prevent problems before they happen. By knowing what the most common problems are, means that you’ll be able to prevent them before they happen. Here’s our expert auto mechanic list of the most common car problems.

Poor Fuel Economy

Most modern engines are fairly efficient when it comes to fuel consumption. If you’re not getting great fuel economy from your engine, then chances are that there is something wrong. 

Potential issues can include faulty fuel system components such as fuel or air filters. Other culprits can include worn airflow and oxygen sensors. All of these help fuel to be burnt at an optimal level. The good news is that all of these parts can be replaced fairly easily. Rather be proactive about getting these sorted as otherwise, you’ll pay for it at the pump.

Misfiring Spark Plugs

Faulty spark plugs are another common problem that we see in the repair shop. 

Spark plugs are the key to your engine’s internal combustion timing. Each plug sends multiple sparks to the ignition chamber which ignites the air-fuel mixture and powers your engine. Faulty spark plug warning signs can include poor consumption, weak acceleration, and engine misfires. Spark plugs require consistent attention and are fairly easy to replace. It’s best to get these seen to as part of your scheduled maintenance as untreated spark plugs can cause further engine damage.

Dead Battery

Car batteries on average should last at least three years or around 50,000 miles. Dead batteries are normally caused by a reduced amperage or electrical current. 

Every car battery has a limited charge cycle and will lose its ability to charge over time. Other faulty components such as a damaged alternator can make this issue worse and all potential causes will need to be ruled out. At Foreign Affairs Motorwerks, our experienced mechanics will perform a thorough battery test and will advise you on when it’s time to replace your battery.

Engine Overheating

Another very common problem is an overheating engine. These are mostly caused by cooling system problems. 

Your car’s cooling system is a complex system including a radiator, rubber hoses, a water pump, various sensors, and coolant. This should make it easy to see why overheating is such a common problem. Luckily, your car is equipped to warn you if it’s overheating by utilizing the engine light or temperature gauge. If this light comes on, it’s important to get it to your trusted mechanic as soon as possible. They will perform a comprehensive cooling system check which may include a radiator flush or a water pump test. An overheating engine overheating can lead to considerable damage to your engine so it’s best to get it seen too fast.

Grinding Brakes

Brakes are used multiple times every time we drive. Over time brake pads and discs can wear causing them to grind and squeal.

Brakes are one of the most important components of your car as they are fundamental to driver and passenger safety. Make sure you don’t chance it and keep on driving if your brakes are making an unwelcome noise. Get them to your auto mechanic right away to be checked out. If your brake pedal feels unresponsive or spongy it’s also a good idea to get them serviced. Often the problem is simply that your brake pads are worn which can easily and affordably be replaced.

Flat Tires 

Along with brakes come tires. Flat tires are a common cause of breakdowns. 

It’s not hard to forget about the condition of our tires. The problem is that the longer that you forget about them, the higher the chance of them failing on you. Tire blowouts are also a common occurrence and can often be caused by under-inflated tires. A blowout can affect the stability of the car which compromises your safety. Be sure to get your tire pressure checked regularly. It’s also good to get in the habit of doing a quick visual inspection of your tires whenever you drive.

Slipping Automatic Transmissions 

Currently, with 98% of cars sold in the United States being automatics, there are bound to be problems now and again. A well-maintained automatic transmission should last for over 200,000 miles. 

Modern automatics are comprised of a hydraulic system that consists of seals, gaskets, and lines that can easily become damaged by debris over time. The result is that your transmission won’t shift smoothly and may be noisier than usual. It’s best to get a regular transmission service to keep your car’s transmission shifting smoothly.

The Trusted Auto Mechanics 

At Foreign Affairs Motorwerks, our team of expert auto mechanics boasts over 125 years of combined experience. Our team specializes in all common car repairs and will be able to pinpoint the root of your car problem and get you back on the road in no time. Call us today at (954) 746-0488 to find out how scheduled maintenance can help you prevent all of these problems and more from happening.

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