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Aston Martin Maintenance Tips

aston martin maintenance

The James Bond lifestyle, foreign locations, sophisticated cocktails, beautiful women, and an Aston Martin of course. It’s safe to say that we are kind of obsessed with Aston Martin, so much so that many of our fans, followers and customers have credited us for giving them just enough reasons to purchase an Aston Martin, and while we fully accept our part in this, we have shared some of the common issues we have faced with these beautiful cars.

Our Foreign Affairs Motorwerks fanatics have been requesting we do another piece on Aston Martin, with many of them asking what they can do to keep it in mint condition, and as usual, our performance shop pros were more than happy to sit and share their Aston Martin maintenance tips.

Maintaining Your Aston Martin’s Exterior

Whether your Aston Martin has just come off the showroom floor, or has logged over 100,000 miles, there some are simple tasks you can do to keep your car looking amazing.

A popular technique to protect your paint from the harsh Florida sun is to have your car wrapped in a clear protective vinyl wrap. This protects the car from stone chips, bird droppings, dead insects, and jealous car scratchers, with the only real downsides being how difficult it is to fit and remove the vinyl and make it look like it’s not wrapped and protecting the clear coat. In severe situations where the car is exposed to excessive levels of heat, the vinyl itself will begin discoloring and turning yellow from the sun.

A new alternative to protective wraps is ceramic coating your car’s exterior. Ceramic coating is the process of applying a clear ceramic based liquid, straight onto your car’s paint the same as you would with turtle wax. Just like turtle wax, ceramic coats can fill in any imperfections in your paint, giving it a smooth and mirror-like finish, while creating a hydrophobic layer that does not allow water and dirt to stick to your car.

Multiple layers of ceramic coating can be applied to your car to create a layer that offers protection against stone chips and scratches. Unlike vinyl wrapping, ceramic coating is easy to put on and remove, but its effectiveness does decrease after a year or two, depending on the product.

With both techniques we recommend you have your car professionally detailed prior to applying your selected product. Using a clay bar during the detail will ensure no microscopic dirt particles lodged in your paint will be trapped.

Interior Maintenance

Just like your exterior, ceramic coating can be used on your car’s interior panels, offering the same benefits as applying it to your exterior. But, because we know Aston Martins are not regular cars and feature hand stitched leather, we recommend you skip coating the leather in ceramic. Rather look towards automotive and leather stores that offer a variety of leather creams and conditioners that will not only protect your leather from general wear and tear, but will also keep the leather soft and hydrated, and its original color.

Do not try and use leather polishes, as this will stain your stitching and make it blend in with the leather.

Recommended Maintenance

Even if your Aston Martin is used and does not have a full-service history or service plan, we still recommend you bring your car in for its regular scheduled maintenance.

Regular maintenance will keep your car at peak performance levels, while allowing a pair of trained eyes to give the car a once over and inform you on anything out of the ordinary. It also gives your mechanic the opportunity to identify and suggest any preventative maintenance or repairs that need to be done.

Keep Your Aston Martin At The Ready

While Aston Martins are beautiful, a two-door coupe doesn’t suit everybody’s daily life, and even Aston Martin themselves acknowledges this, which is why they offer their customers an Aston Martin trickle charger. A trickle charger actively monitors the charge of your battery and only charges it when it needs to. This extends the operating life of your battery and gives you the peace of mind of knowing when you want to use your Aston, it will fire up with no problems.

For any and all questions relating to your Aston Martin, call Foreign Affairs Motorwerks today at 954-746-0488.

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