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Audi TT | Performance Parts for A German Classic

Audi TT performance parts

The Audi TT is a sleek sports car for a fun, but predictable, driving experience. Instead of buying a new car and trading up, with the right modifications, you can amplify your Audi experience to make the most of what the car has to offer. With the right performance parts, your Audi TT can get that extra oomph it needs, providing you with better handling, more power, and a smoother ride.

The Audi TT is a deviation from Audi’s original design that they had become known for – a solid sedan range. With the Audi TT, drivers were offered a trendy interior with amazing styling, all packaged in a user-friendly, shiny sports car. However, the range is not known for being extremely fast, and a lot of aspects of the car leave room for improvement.

Increase Your Power

There are many ways you can increase the power of your Audi’s engine with performance parts, and this is generally where people start first. The Audi generally offers good performance and fuel consumption, but to really elevate its performance, try:

  1. A Larger Capacity Turbo

    The diverter and blow-off valve release excess boost/air pressure when the throttle plate is closed after being in boost. An upgraded intake can correct the flow and filter element for a better driving experience. This will draw cooler fresh air and include a filter element with a greater surface area for a sharper throttle response – giving you more power.

  2. A Blow-Off Valve

    A blow-off valve allows you to hear your turbocharger properly every time you throttle, while reducing turbo lag and spool and eliminating boost leaks. A KO4 turbo is the easiest stock option that requires few adjustments, and can turn your 1.8T, 2.0Tfsi or 2.5Tfsi into a super car. For larger peak power figures, you’ll need a hybrid turbo or a replacement turbo, with turbines that match your power delivery requirements, such as a KO3s bolt.

  3. A Ported Valve

    The 1.8T exhaust only has 2 valves which can cause some bottlenecking. To get a greater exhaust rate, it’s recommended that you get this ported.

  4. Uprating The Fuel And Injectors

    When increasing the power, uprating the fuel through an aftermarket fuel pressure regulator gives your Audi a quicker throttle response. Uprating the injectors helps deliver sufficient fuel. When increasing your fuelling with bigger injectors, a bigger fuel pump will also be required.

  5. Fitting A Lighter Flywheel, A New Clutch, And Better Breaks

    The DMF flywheel can be swapped out for a lighter flywheel, which can transform your Audi by allowing it to rev quicker and make your engine more responsive.

    Your clutch is something you should never compromise on, especially when you are adding performance parts to your Audi, as a standard clutch cannot handle large power figures. A fast road power clutch keeps the power going where it should and ensures its reliability and longevity. Try a double or triple plate clutch.

    Your brakes should be upgraded to increase the discs and piston sizes to give you better stopping power. There are many quality big brake conversion kits for the Audi TT.

  6. A Remap

    A remap is a very beneficial mod you can give your turbocharged TT. It adds another 30% power and makes the car more fun to drive. The disadvantage of a remap is that it means you’ll have to service your Audi more frequently.

Change Your Wheels

A new set of wheels can really offset the aesthetic of your car. As the foundation for the rest of your Audi, it sets the tone while helping improve the driving performance. Alloy wheels are lighter than steel ones and can help the brakes cool down, however large allow wheels can alter the effective final drive ratio, which has a negative effect on acceleration and your car’s performance. Larger wheels are also more susceptible to tram lining, whereas the unsprung mass should be kept as low as possible. It is recommended that you keep the overall rolling diameter of the wheel the same as the wheel supplied by the factory.

For these and more modifications for your Audi, call (954) 746-0488 today. Foreign Affairs Motorsport offers a wide range of services to modify and elevate your car to give you the best possible driving experience you can get out of your Audi TT.

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