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AlloyGator Wheel Protection is a highly engineered, robust wheel protector designed to take the impact of curbing and driving over potholes. Drive with confidence knowing that your Wheels are safe from road damage! We get it… wheel damage is infuriating and expensive, so eliminate this stress from your day and take pride in your ride knowing that AlloyGators are protecting your wheels.

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Simply Brilliant

We’ve all done it… that awful feeling when you hear the sound of your precious wheels grating along the curb. No matter how careful a driver you are there are always pot holes and other drivers who force you into situations where you have nowhere to go. Well thanks to AlloyGator, now you do!

Designed and manufactured in the UK, it’s a simple idea, but then the best ones usually are. AlloyGator fits between your wheel and tire and when the inevitable happens, it takes the impact, not your wheels.



Superior Protection

AlloyGator is made of a tough durable nylon which makes it more durable than standard plastic. It is installed between the rim and the curb. With strong testing and manufacturing we have been able to develop the only TUV and MIRA certified wheel protector.

So go on… Curb it. We dare you.

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