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Auto Detailing & Paint Correction

At Foreign Affairs Motorwerks we not only ensure that your exotic auto runs well but that it also looks beautiful. 

Here are a few of the services we offer:

Auto Detailing

There are two types of washing methods, the contact and non-contact method. At Foreign Affairs Motorwerks, we can do both depending on your preference.

  • Exterior Wash
    The vehicle’s exterior gets thoroughly washed with our special shampoos and dried with an air blower.  
  • Interior Vac:
    The Interior of the vehicle is thoroughly vacuumed with an industrial machine. For leather interior, check out our cleaning and maintenance guide
  • Wash and Wax Treatment
    For us to do a wax treatment, we first have to wash the vehicle. After this, wax can be applied. Note, we don’t recommend waxing a vehicle that hasn’t been washed first.

Clay Barring

This fits in between a wax treatment and paint correction. A synthetic clay bar is passed over the vehicle’s clear coat, successfully removing any embedded impurities. A wax seal after a clay barring will result in a beautifully finished paint job but may not remove all scratches.

Paint Correction

Many people confuse this process with something that involves physically painting the vehicle. Paint correction doesn’t involve any painting. Usually, vehicles have two coats of paint. One is the color (often called the base coat). The other is a layer that goes over this, called the clear coat. As its description imply, it is a transparent layer. Most ‘scratches’ or swirls that you can see in the paint are damage that has been done to the clear coat. The process of ‘re-leveling’ the clear coat to get a perfect finish is called paint correction.

Disclaimer – Some scratches go deeper than the clear coat. These are often visible as a scratch of a different color. Paint correction will not remove extremely deep scratches. It is better to consult our team about painting the panel in these cases.

If you aren’t looking for a concourse vehicle or have better things to do than inspect the paintwork with a flashlight, then a normal wash and wax are perfectly adequate. Paint correction can take anything from 5-30 hours, but in our opinion, the results are worth it.

The three main types of paint correction we offer are:

  • Stage 1 (Polish)
    A single buffing agent and pad are used to give the auto a thorough buff. This is often just an intermediary stage to expose the true nature of the damage to the paint. The vehicle can be sent for waxing after this if there is only minor paint damage.
  • Stage 2 (Minor Scratches)
    This incorporates stage one; however, two passes are made. The first cutting agent is more abrasive than the second and is basically used to refine the new level created by the first pass.
  • Stage 3 (Deep Grooves)
    Adds an additional level of abrasiveness from stage 2. This can also include wet sanding of some of the more badly damaged areas. Two more passes using increasingly finer abrasives ensure that the clear coat is perfectly level before the wax treatment.

Auto Detailing And Paint Correction In Pompano Beach

Each auto is different, so we take pride in customizing our detailing service to your needs at Foreign Affairs Motorwerks. Request an appointment or stop by Monday-Friday from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM.

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