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Foreign Affairs Motorwerks is South Florida’s premier European auto repair facility. We’ve been looking after our valued South Florida client for years. We specialize in German, Italian and English European auto repair services. From intermittent troubleshooting issues to comprehensive maintenance schedules. Here are some of the repair services that our world-class facility offers:

  • Brake Repair

    Over time, your brakes will start to wear out. Brakes are crucial to your family’s safety. At Foreign Affairs, we offer a full brake service. Our brake check includes brake pads, brake discs, brake fluid, Master cylinder, brake lines, and pedals. At Foreign Affairs, we’ll restore your brakes to their full braking performance.

  • Belts And Hoses

    You need to check your timing and serpentine belts on a regular basis. Along with these, there are several hoses to check too. These include your coolant hose, heater hose, fuel hose, power steering hose, and brake hose.

  • Engine Repairs / Rebuilds / Fluids

    Our facility offers a full engine rebuilds and complete fault code diagnosis service. Common auto repair engine issues include an overheating or noisy engine, worn spark plugs, head gasket failure, engine mounting problems, or high oil consumption.

  • Oil Changes

    Regular oil changes are essential to keep your car running optimally. Low oil levels and old oil are the two culprits that cause premature engine damage. We provide a factory full oil change service. You can rest assured that we’ll use the best-suited engine oil for your engine.

  • Suspension / Shocks

    Whenever your car is moving, your shocks are working hard to keep you safe and comfortable. Shocks help to absorb all those bumps and irregularities in the road. If your ride quality has felt worse lately, it’s time to get your shocks checked out. Your car’s suspension springs, struts, and ball joints should also be inspected regularly.

  • Tire Maintenance

    Maintaining your tire pressures correctly will increase your tire life. Our facility offers a full tire service. This includes tire tread check, tire replacement, tire balancing and four-wheel alignment. And wheel safety checks. Make sure you get your tires checked out for any leaks or wear and tear.

  • Air Conditioning Services

    Air conditioning is a must in South Florida. If your air vents aren’t pumping out crisp, cool air, then pull into Foreign Affairs. Our air-conditioning service includes condenser and coil check, refrigerant refill, and filter and duct cleaning service.

  • Batteries

    Car not starting well. Your car battery should be checked twice a year. A battery test includes a battery load test, corrosion check, and car ignition starting check. Let our auto repair facility check your battery to avoid being stuck along the side of the road.

  • Clutch Replacement

    If you drive a manual transmission, you’ll need to check your clutch out every so often. If your clutch feels like it’s slipping, it needs attention. Noisy and chattering clutches need to be serviced, and possibly replaced.

  • Cooling Systems

    Your car’s cooling system includes components such as a radiator, a thermostat, and a coolant water pump. All these are moving parts and need regular servicing. It’s also important to let your trusted mechanic check your coolant levels to do a top-up if necessary.

  • Diagnostics

    Are you struggling with an intermittent car issue? Foreign Affairs boasts over 125 years of combined experience. This experience is what makes our diagnostic services so valuable. Oxygen sensors, camshaft and crankshaft position sensors can cause poor performance and be common failure parts over time and will require replacement.

  • Drivetrain / Transmission

    A drivetrain service covers all transmission issues such as:

    • No engagement
    • Burning smells
    • Slipping gears
    • Transmission fluid replacements
    • Grinding gears
  • Electrical

    Auto-electrical problems are common in cars. Auto repair services include alternator checks, starter motor repairs, blown fuses, fouled spark plugs, faulty ignition coils and electrical wiring issues. Small electrical boxes called control units which are located in various areas on your vehicle can fail over time or due to water intrusion can cause numerous electrical issues. These are areas Foreign Affairs technicians are highly trained and skilled in. 

  • Tune-ups

    Foreign Affairs Motorwerks specializes in tune-ups and scheduled maintenance services, whether mileage based or time based. These include replacement of routine wear and tear parts like engine air filter, fuel filter, cabin filter, spark plugs and ignition coils.

  • Performance

    Performance upgrades are comprehensive in their approach. Our team can offer you top of the line performance upgrades for your engine, drivetrain, suspension, wheels, and other components. You may also want to consider a forced induction ie., turbocharger or supercharger package to boost your car’s performance. Foreign Affairs will design a package exclusively for you.

  • Check Engine Light

    An engine light serves as a warning. An engine light can show an issue with your engine, your transmission, your sensors, fuel delivery, or your ignition. Our technicians will perform a comprehensive diagnostic check.

  • Window Regulators

    Are your power windows not working properly? Window regulators are usually to blame here. They’re mounted inside your door panel, so they’re easy to forget about.

  • Cab Top Repairs

    Soft top cars are more vulnerable to getting damaged. Luckily, they can be repaired by a specialist repair facility. Problems can either be with the canvas material, or with the mechanism. Convertible top hydraulic cylinders are a common issue with convertible top failures.

Your Pompano Beach Auto Repair Specialist

As you can see, Foreign Affairs Motorwerks offer a full range of automotive repair services. You can trust our team with your automotive luxury and performance. Come see our Pompano Beach facility today and enjoy an espresso or variety of refreshments in our customer lobby while you wait to get your car maintained by one of our professional technicians.

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