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Car Batteries

We often don’t give much thought to our car’s batteries, that is until the dreaded day comes where your car just won’t start, leaving your car in need of a jump start or worse, stranded and in need of a ride. Diagnosing why your car won’t start can be complicated as the cause can vary from a bad battery to a malfunctioning alternator or a short circuit. At Foreign Affairs Motorwerks we can help you with all your battery needs and get you back on the road!

Signs Your Battery Is Needs Replacing

Your car not starting may be all the signs you need that it’s time for a new battery, but a flat battery is not a bad battery. Your car’s battery can become flat if the alternator is not able to sufficiently charge the battery anymore, a malfunctioning electronic component is continuously draining the battery even when the car is off, or someone simply forgot to turn off the car’s ignition, lights or radio.

Additional signs that your car’s battery is failing are:

  • A clicking or ticking noise when trying to start your car
  • Slow crank time
  • Intermittent electrical issues, such as radio and navigation systems randomly restarting
  • Slow power windows
  • Dim headlights
  • Corrosion on the battery terminals (this does not present as rust, but rather as white or blue powder)

Our Services

At Foreign Affairs Motorwerks, we offer a variety of automotive services dedicated to your car battery and electronic systems

Electronic System Inspection

In the unfortunate situation where your car just won’t start, our talented team of auto repair technicians will diagnose and inspect your car’s electronic system. This includes testing the battery, alternator, and starter. We check for any parasitic drains on your battery and read codes off of your car’s computer to ensure the issue is repaired properly.

Battery Charging and Reconditioning

If your car’s battery has been completely discharged, you may find that the battery cannot charge to its full capacity anymore. This doesn’t mean your battery is ruined. Our specialized battery chargers recharge car batteries at a slower rate than an alternator. The benefit of this is that slow charging generates less heat and pressure in the battery and allows more electrons to flow from the cathode back to the anode, effectively restoring the battery.

Battery Replacement

Batteries are consumable items, and unfortunately, every battery has a lifespan. If your battery has gone past the point of no return, our repair shop technicians will make sure the correct battery is fitted to your car. We use specialized battery trays to maintain power to the car during the battery replacement, ensuring that none of your saved preferences are lost.

Alternator Repair and Replacements

The alternator is responsible for recharging your car’s battery but can be damaged causing it to either undercharge or overcharge your battery. We stock a variety of OEM and aftermarket alternators to suit any use case. Swapping an engine or installing a large sound system? Let us fit an alternator that will keep up with all your power demands.

Battery Relocation and Race Prep

There are plenty of reasons to relocate your car’s battery, the most common being to follow regulations and guidelines set out by racing bodies. All our battery relocates use battery boxes and emergency cut-off switches that meet all FIA standards for motorsport.

Terminal and Cable Repair

Battery Safety Terminals (BST) are common in many luxury vehicles and are designed to disconnect the positive terminal of the battery from the car’s electronics in case of an accident. Unfortunately, BSTs can trigger from slight impacts like driving over a pothole, going over a speed bump too fast, or from a mild fender bender. We offer replacement BST modules for multiple models of cars. We also replace cables that may have become exposed due to age or heat.

Battery Experts in Pompano Beach

Are your car’s electronics acting up? Going through batteries too quickly? Let our repair shop team at Foreign Affairs Motorwerks handle all your battery problems right the first time. As an authorized dealer of the top battery brands, we’ll make sure you get the correct battery for your car. Don’t take a chance on electronic issues, call us at (954) 746-0488 to arrange a booking for your vehicle!

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