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Big Upgrades For Porsche’s Smallest

Porsche performance products

The gorgeous new Porsche Cayman 718 has finally made it onto the market inspiring car enthusiasts worldwide to grab one of their own or start shopping for Porsche performance products to upgrade their currently owned models. Whether you’re looking for aesthetic or mechanical upgrades, transforming your earlier generation Porsche classic is as easy as selecting your desired upgrade off a service list.

What’s So Special About the Cayman 718 anyway?

The streamlined chassis, memorable design and improvements in comfort and assistance systems made to put a glint in your eye. But over and above undeniably appealing aggressive face, the new 718 Cayman and Boxster bring a real fight to the Cayman family. They boast a massive increase in power and efficiency with the new ‘flat-four’ design, described by Porsche as a, “turbocharged horizontally opposed engine”. This original orientation allows for a considerable increase in power, torque, higher engine revolutions per minute and a generally lower average consumption rate. The 2.5-liter mid-engine sings its own praises with songs of 350 horse power at 6500rpm, going 0-60 mph in 4.4sec and a max track speed of 177mph.

What Does This Means for Older Models?

One of the best features about Porsche is the ability to build and fix-up whichever model of this gorgeous brand you have the privilege of considering your own. At Foreign Affairs Motorsport, we specialize in luxury car performance upgrades and offer the follow products to help you race your classic with these spring chickens.

Complete Computer Diagnostics

Car diagnostic software is a magnificent tool to ensure maximal performance of whatever model of Porsche you have as well as the effect of the performance product purchases you may have made. This software is usually built into the cars and primarily centered on the engine so a comprehensive message about everyday performance is available. These are stored as codes and, when accessed by expert mechanics, can be used to diagnosis and then fix any performance problems you may be experiencing as well as for fine tuning to get the best performance.

The Sport Chrono Package

All of Porsche’s top models offers a whole new level of vehicle performance with this upgrade – a facelift to the chassis and the interior including new performance displays and, a new Performance start option, as well as alterations to the engine and transmission translating to a responsive engine, sensitive steering and, stiffened dampening for better control.

If this package itself is not available, each upgrade can also be installed individually to make your classic model more competitive on the circuit.

Engine and Transmission Rebuilds

With the goods under the hood being one of the main source of 718 drool, it stands to reason that repairs and rebuilds in this regard will definitely help you keep up on the track. Fine tuning that engine to increase your overall power and torque as well as smooth, accurate transmission – longer in the lower and finer in the higher gears – to get maximum utilization of that new-found power.

At Foreign Affairs Motorsport, we don’t just have a fierce passion driving us. 125 years of luxury car workshop experience to ensure you and your beautiful Porsche get the very best in repairs, service and performance upgrades.

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