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BMW Service Tips

bmw service

If you own a BMW that is still within its warranty or service period, it’s relatively easy to follow the guidelines of the suggested service intervals. With the correct maintenance and servicing for your BMW, it is well-known among the industry that this is a vehicle that will bring you many years of joy. These cars are made for speed and perform at the best when pushed to the limits, however, this brings expected wear-and-tear that should be taken care of.

There are a few BMW service tips that you can follow to ensure you and your BMW have a long, speed-filled life together.

Understanding BMW Service Needs

The latest BMW models are equipped with technology that will let you know it’s time for a service. This is the SII system, which stands for Service Interval Indicator.

The computer tracks your mileage and records your service dates. It will give you a signal when your next service is coming up and how many miles you have left before it becomes necessary. At this stage, you should be preparing to have the service done. One of the worst things you can do is ignore this signal and drive beyond the advice that is literally pre-programmed into your vehicle.

Another built-in system in your BMW is the self-monitoring CBS. This is the Condition Based Servicing system. Essentially, the CBS system aims to learn the way you drive which includes the environmental conditions you face on a regular basis.

This system works with an onboard computer that will track components such as oil and cabin air filters, braking system and the brake pads as well as spark plugs. When these parts are beginning to wear out, a dashboard light will indicate that it is time to have them replaced. Other basics are covered such as, when you need to change your brake fluids, what your tire pressure is like, and the levels of engine oil. You no longer need to track these components on your own, your vehicle will inform you when it’s time. This allows you to follow your service and maintenance plan from a relevant cost-spend point of view. But it also saves you time on going back and forth to your car mechanic for unnecessary checks.

Maintaining BMW Performance

Because these systems in the BMW assist you in determining when you need a service, there is no reason that you should ever skip a service. Services and maintenance are the best way to extend the lifespan of your car.

There are a few other tips and tricks from our BMW service center that we’ve picked up along the way:

How To Maintain Tire Status?

You should be checking the condition of your tires on a monthly basis.

The CBS system on your BMW only monitors air pressure and cannot detect degradation of the tires. If the alignment is out on your tires they will wear unevenly and this is dangerous, not to mention costly therefore regular wheel alignment service is necessary. When checking your tires, be sure to check the engine’s rubber hoses as well as the gaskets. There shouldn’t be any faulty seals or cracks. If there are any faults such as these it may lead to performance lagging or potential breakdowns.

Check Spark Plugs & Air Filters

Spark plugs should be changed at regular intervals. We offer services for BMW according to the service interval guidelines suggested by BMW themselves. We have listed specific intervals for spark plug as well as air filter changes. Air filters are inspected during oil changes. The system in your BMW does not alert you of this either so you will need to stay on top of it.

Change Your Oil Regularly

Oil changes take place between 7,500 miles and 15,000 miles. Changing your oil regularly will ensure that you get the most from your car’s engine and other essential parts.

BMW Service Experts In Pompano Beach

One of the best tips we can give you to ensure that your BMW gets the best service is make sure you’ve done sufficient research on the mechanic you take your vehicle to. Cheap service suppliers will give you cheap results. You should only be using suppliers that are authorized to supply BMW parts and quality materials. Foreign Affairs Motorwerks is a full BMW vehicle line-up facility. We accept BMW service plans and extended warranties. If you’re looking to personalize your BMW model, we also specialize in performance enhancement which allows you to create exactly the kind of car you want to drive.

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