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Cabriolet Top Repairs

Convertible top hydraulic systems don’t last forever. The combination of heat and water can add to the wear and tear of your cab top. South Florida’s tropical climate can add to this with its sun and heavy downpours.  Your convertible top may need a cylinder, pump, or hoses repair. Vinyl and cloth tops may also need replacement if there is a tear or severe discoloring. Foreign Affairs Motorwerks (FAMS) offers comprehensive full cab top repairs in South Florida.  Here’s what our service includes.

Soft Top Fabric Repairs

As it is with leather, the sun is your soft top’s worst enemy. South Florida summers experience average temperatures of around 90° Fahrenheit. Given enough time in the sun and your soft top fabric will begin to tighten over the car frame. When the fabric is tauter, it can place added pressure on the stitching. Although cab top stitching is strong, with enough pressure it is still prone to ripping. At FAMS, we offer a soft-top fabric repair service to restore any broken stitching.

Soft Top Maintenance Tip: It’s best to occasionally lower your soft top. This will release the continuous pressure on the stitching. 

Soft Top Flexi-Glass Window Maintenance

Your soft top Flexi-glass window requires special care. It should be cleaned often to avoid any scratch marks from developing. Scratch marks can build up and lead to windshield cloudiness. Cloudiness leads to less visibility, which is a safety concern. Our auto service facility offers a full auto detailing service. Soft top vinyl or cloths need specialized cleaning. It’s best not to do this at home.

Cab Top Cylinder Repairs

Most high-end, German-engineered convertibles boast high-quality hydraulic cylinders. But cylinders have a weak spot when it comes to their seals. Given enough time any polyurethane seal will begin to deteriorate. The shelf life is usually up to ten years. Any incorrect additives only speed up this process. Add in rain and sunshine, and it’s best to get your cylinders checked. Here are some symptoms to look out for:

  • Your cab top cylinders are more noisy than usual.
  • Your soft top is opening and closing slower than normal.
  • Cylinders aren’t moving smoothly.
  • Rust on the cylinder shaft.
  • Fluid leaks in cylinder areas.

The good news is that cylinder rebuild can last for many years. Foreign Affairs Motorwerks uses advanced cylinder seals in all cab top repairs. Their rigidity and service life are well tested. We will replace all affected seals and ensure that your cab top is opening and closing smoothly. In the event of a cylinder replacement, it’s best to replace all cylinders to ensure that you won’t run into problems in a few months again.

Cab Top Pump Repairs

Hydraulic pumps power your cylinders to open and close your cab top. Pumps require a regular maintenance schedule. This includes pump seals, moving components, and electrical maintenance. Hydraulic pump pressures are tested to maintain optimal movement. In the event of severe deterioration, your cab top pump may need to be replaced.

Cab Top Hose Maintenance

Hydraulic hoses connect your cylinders to your motor pump. Hoses contain an outer protective layer of black rubber or white nylon. These materials may need to be changed out due to constant movement and UV damage. In the event of the internals malfunctioning or breaking, the hose will be replaced.

Cab Top Repairs At Foreign Affairs Motorwerks

Foreign Affairs Motorwerks specializes in German-engineered convertibles. Our scheduled maintenance plans will ensure that your cab top is kept in perfect condition. FAMS also offers a full auto repair facility. Your convertible will be well looked after at Foreign Affairs Motorwerks. Call us today at 954-746-0488.

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