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Belt And Hose Repair And Maintenance

Car belts and hoses can be easily forgotten about. They play an important role in powering just about every component of your vehicle. Car belts transfer energy across components. This includes hydraulic brake pressure transfer and engine function. Hoses transfer important lubricants and fluids that keep your car running. At Foreign Affairs Motorwerks we cover all belt and hose maintenance.

Timing Belt Service

Your car’s timing belt is located outside the engine. It’s made from rubber and enables your crankshaft to turn the camshaft. What is a camshaft? It opens and closes valves in synchronization with your engine. Your engine’s well-being relies on these valves to open and close at the right time. A broken timing belt will stop your engine from working immediately.

At Foreign Affairs Motorwerks, our technicians will assess the condition of your timing belt. If it’s in good condition, any necessary timing adjustments will be made. If It’s worn it will be replaced with a new one. Some cars have timing chains that last longer than timing belts. Correct timing chain maintenance should always be applied.

Tame Your Timing Belt: A timing belt that’s even slightly off can affect your engine’s performance You may not even be aware of it, which is why it’s best to get your timing belt adjustment regularly.

Serpentine Belt Service

Serpentine belts or drive belts help to power your air conditioning, power steering, cooling fans, and other components. Over time, serpentine belts wear out and need to be replaced. When these break, your car is at risk of overheating. This is because your water pump is powered by this belt. At Foreign Affairs Motorwerks, we conduct regular serpentine belt checks. This way, you will never run the risk of a broken serpentine belt. These belts are replaced around the 50,000-mile mark.

Car Hose Maintenance

We service and maintain several hoses on your car. These include the following:

Radiator Hoses

Ever asking why your car is overheating? A worn radiator hose could be the culprit. Radiator hoses carry coolant between your engine and your radiator. These two hoses ensure that your engine doesn’t overheat. Radiator hoses are made of rubber that may perish over time. Our mechanics can identify perishing rubber hoses that need replacement.

Fuel Lines

Fuel lines connect your fuel tank to your engine. Specially formulated rubber gives fuel lines their hard-wearing nature. When fuel lines happen to break, fuel leaks. No one wants leaking fuel in their car’s engine cavity. You should get your fuel lines replaced every 50,000 miles.

Core Heater Hoses

These transport coolant through your car’s cabin cooling system. If you’re needing warm air on a cooler day, these hoses carry the warm air needed to heat up your cabin. We inspect and service these as part of your scheduled car maintenance.

Other Hoses

Minor hoses include brake hoses and air intake hoses. Brake hoses carry brake fluid from the brake lines to the calipers. While air intake hoses take oxygen to your engine to ensure the right air to fuel mixture. At Foreign Affairs Motorwerks, we service and maintain all vehicle hoses.

Car Belt And Hose Auto Repair In Pompano Beach

Come to Foreign Affairs Motorwerks for all your belt and hose maintenance needs. Why not take out a scheduled maintenance plan, and you’ll never have to worry about your hoses or belts again. Contact us today for a full range of auto repair services.

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