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European Auto Repair

28th Feb

When To Consider Performance Auto Parts

Performance auto parts can transform your car’s responsiveness. Make sure you decide on the correct performance parts for your vehicle. This should be a decision made in…

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2nd Mar

A Brake Service Is A Must For All Drivers To Remember

Is it a cricket? Is it a mouse? Is it a bat? Nope on all three counts. It’s your brakes! The most annoying sound to…

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22nd Feb

Pinpointing A Power Steering Fluid Leak

Ahh, yes, a power steering fluid leak. Nothing irritates a petrol head more than when your pride and joy develops minor incontinence. (Unless you are…

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16th Nov

When Are Your Car Repairs Covered By Insurance?

There’s nothing more frustrating than car repairs that aren’t covered by insurance. But the question of when your car insurance can cover repairs is a…

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2nd Nov

Five Engine Noises That Require Immediate Attention

As with most components of the modern lifestyle, many of us take our cars for granted. Unless (like your favorite mechanic in Pompano Beach) you…

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16th Sep

Do It Yourself Auto Repair Tips

When you bought a car in the 1950s it came with a manual that not only gave you its specifications and capacities but also taught…

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24th Aug

Alternator Repair: Diagnosing The Problem

Alternators have been used on cars since the early 60’s, replacing problematic generators. Generators were terrible at regulating voltage and would often overcharge batteries and…

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17th Jun

Don’t Let Transmission Problems Ruin Summer

Fortunately, the seasons don’t follow the lock down regulations. We are already well into spring (if you can tell it apart from winter in Florida),…

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20th May

Engine Rebuild Or Replacement?

No-one wants to think about spending money on an extensive car repair. When it comes to keeping your car on the road, an engine rebuild…

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11th May

Are Transmission Rebuilds Worth It?

It’s early morning and you’re off to work in your pride and joy. You hop in, start her up, get the AC and your favorite…

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