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General Car Info and Tips

2nd Mar

How To Neatly Install Your Radar Detector

A radar detector is one of the most useful devices you can install on your car, as it protects you from all speed monitoring measures by notifying…

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19th Jan

Auto Detailing: The Best Way To Clean Your Engine Bay

You take great pride in caring for and preserving the life of your luxury car. One of your routine efforts might involve auto detailing, either professionally or…

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17th Nov

Auto Detailing: Is It Worth It?

You love your luxury car, so perhaps you’re considering auto detailing for it. But is it worth all the effort? Let’s look at some of…

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30th Mar

What Is An ASE Certified Technician?

When looking for a reputable mechanic shop, one of the easiest places to start are shops that exclusively hire ASE technicians.You may be thinking, “Ok…

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17th Mar

Our Favorite Luxury Electric Vehicles

The world is changing rapidly. Now that we are coming out of the worst of the pandemic, we expect a bit of an industry renaissance….

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15th Mar

A Simple Guide For Basic Hybrid Vehicle Service

With the ever-increasing price of fuel, hybrid and electric vehicles are now more popular than ever. The pure electric market is still finding its feet,…

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17th Feb

What Motor Oil Do Mechanics Recommend?

An experienced mechanic will have a good understanding of motor oils. More importantly, they know which motor oil is right for your vehicle. Get your…

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3rd Feb

What Grade of Gasoline Do Auto Mechanics Recommend?

Gasoline is something most of us take for granted. It is a little like buying milk. One brand is similar to the next, with price…

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19th Jan

Mechanic Tips For Prolonging the Life of Your Car

At Foreign Affairs Motorwerks, we have been taking some time out to reflect on the outgoing year. Much has changed. For most of us, things…

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17th Jan

Commonly Used Auto Repair Terms

If you’ve ever taken your car into an auto repair facility, you’ll know there is specific auto repair jargon. Some jargon is easier to understand,…

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