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Porsche Maintenance

10th Aug

Porsche Service Guide For Owners

When you become the proud owner of a Porsche, you join a community that appreciates engineering excellence. As an owner, it is essential to understand…

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31st May

The Ultimate Driving Machine: A Guide To The Porsche 911

So you’ve decided to pull the trigger on finally getting your very own Porsche 911? But how do you choose? Air-Cooled or Water-Cooled? GTS, Carrera,…

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16th Feb

What Are The Most Common Porsche Repair Issues?

Everyone dreams of owning a luxury car like Porsche. The German automaker has built a reputation for producing some of the best vehicles globally. But…

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15th Feb

The Most Common Porsche Problems

Lovely bit of alliteration. Porsche and problems. As sports cars go, Porsche doesn’t have the strongest track record for reliability. Weirdly enough the statisticians cannot…

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30th Dec

Porsche Service Center: Should You Trust ‘Em?

It’s true. Dealerships and ‘approved Porsche service centers’ have this nasty habit of ripping their clients off. That’s why they have gotten nicknames like ‘stealers,’…

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8th Jul

Porsche Repair: Steering & Suspension Issues

Porsche’s German engineering comes with a solid reliability track record. Needless to say that every car brand comes with certain issues that may arise. At…

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18th May

Porsche Mechanic Tips: Increase Your Car’s Life

Over the last few years Porsche has made great strides in improving the reliability of their cars, which has Porsche consistently in the top five…

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7th Apr

A Blast From The Past – Air-cooled Porsche Maintenance

When it comes to history, Porsche have had their fair share of hard knocks and lucky breaks. Whether a hater or fanatic, both agree that…

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23rd Feb

Porsche Repair: Cooling System Problems

All modern Porsches are now liquid-cooled. This allows the engines to be made of stronger alloys which can handle increased amounts of horsepower reliably. Unfortunately,…

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9th Dec

What To Look For In A Porsche Service Center

Your Porsche deserves top-quality treatment from only the best repair facility. Choosing the right facility depends on several factors such as specialist skills, the use…

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