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Clutch Replacement

Whether you drive an automatic or manual, your car’s clutch is a wear item that will eventually need replacing. There are several causes of worn clutches, and most of the time it’s difficult to tell whether it’s time to replace a clutch, especially on an automatic.

How To Tell You Need A Clutch Replacement

At the core, manual and automatic transmissions are very similar, the major difference is one is operated by a computer and the other by a person. This means there are some shared signs of a worn-out clutch.

Delay Before Engagement

If your car is in gear (or drive/reverse for automatic) and there is a delay when taking off, with the engine revving higher than usual, this is the first sign that your clutch is on its way out and will need replacement. While it is not recommended you drive your vehicle in this condition, it should allow you to get to your local mechanic. Continuing to drive like this will lead to the next symptom that will leave you stranded on the side of the road.

No Gear Engagement

Your clutch has friction material on the face that meets the flywheel. When your vehicle is in gear, and your car just revs without going anywhere, it means that there is no friction material left to grip onto the flywheel. If your clutch ever reaches this point, your car will need to be towed to a repair shop to have its clutch, and potentially flywheel, replaced.

Slipping Clutch

A slipping clutch is exactly what it sounds like, the clutch has so little friction material left that it cannot keep steady contact and slips on the flywheel. The main symptom of a slipping clutch is a random but short-lived loss of acceleration when driving, or a random high rev when driving. Another symptom is your car rolling back slightly when you’re driving up a steep incline.

Our Services

At Foreign Affairs Motorwerks we offer several clutch and transmission-based services, namely:

Clutch Replacements and Upgrades

As an authorized dealer for both the best aftermarket and OEM brands, we can source the correct clutch for your vehicle. For race tuners and race enthusiasts, we also offer upgraded race and performance clutches that can handle higher horsepower numbers than a stock clutch. These clutches are also made of harder materials to handle the abuse that track racing puts them through.

Transmission Fluid Flush

In some cases, dirty or old transmission fluid can mimic the symptoms of a bad clutch. Our technicians will always inspect a clutch before recommending a replacement. Where the clutch’s friction material thickness is still within spec, you may only need to flush and replace your transmission fluid to get your car driving like new again. With all newly fitted clutches, flushing and replacement of the transmission fluid are highly recommended. All old transmission fluid is properly disposed of according to The Florida Department of Environmental Protection guidelines. 

Auto Repair Shop In Pompano Beach

Foreign Affairs Motorwerks has been South Florida’s number-one repair and maintenance shop since 1978. From clutch replacements to complete transmission rebuilds, our team of ASE-approved technicians can take care of your automotive needs. 

If your transmission is acting up, don’t risk getting stranded on the side of the road, book your car in with Foreign Affairs Motorwerks today by calling us at (954) 746-0488!

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