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Cooling Systems

Proper maintenance of your car’s cooling system is important for both performance and reliability, especially when you consider the high temperatures we experience here in South Florida.

Our Services

At Foreign Affairs Motorrwerks we offer a series of cooling system repair, maintenance, and upgrade services:

Coolant Flush And Refill

Like all other fluids in your vehicle, coolant degrades over time. The constant heating and cooling cause the additives in the coolant to break down. These additives help increase the boiling point of the coolant, prevent corrosion and increase the overall efficiency of the coolant. Constantly running through the engine and radiator coolant can also gather other undesirable contaminants.

That’s why we recommend a coolant flush be done annually. During a coolant flush, we drain the coolant out of the cooling system and run clean coolant through the system until the clean coolant is coming out of the system. We then refill your system with manufacturer-recommended coolant, bleed the system for any air pockets and make sure there are no leaks in the system. All old coolant is properly disposed of according to The Florida Department of Environmental Protection guidelines.

Cooling System Pressure Testing And Leak Finding

When your engine is running, the coolant pump causes there to be pressure in the system. A lack of pressure can lead to diminished coolant flow which can lead to overheating issues. With the engine off we put the coolant system under pressure using specialized tools. If the pressure holds, the coolant system is working optimally. If the pressure drops, our technicians will inspect the car for any leaks or faults and repair it. A drop in pressure in the coolant system can be caused by anything from a worn radiator cap, all the way to a leaking gasket.

Coolant Pump Replacements And Upgrades

Like all mechanical parts in an engine, a coolant pump can fail, and when it does fail, no coolant can flow which leads to overheating issues. No matter what car or engine you have, we will ensure that the correct pump and new hardware are fitted. For motorsport, we offer upgraded water pumps for most vehicles. Upgraded coolant pumps have more fins on the blades of the impeller which increases the coolant flow.

Thermostat Replacement

The thermostat limits coolant flow in order to control coolant temperature and allows the engine to heat up quickly and not run too cold. Like all mechanical parts, thermostats can fail and often get stuck in the closed position limiting coolant flow. While a simple fix, replacing a thermostat requires the coolant to be drained from the cooling system and is often done alongside a coolant flush.

Radiator Replacement and Upgrades

In most situations, a leaking radiator requires the entire unit to be replaced. Radiators that have excess damage done to their fins can reach a point where they can no longer dissipate enough heat to keep the engine at an ideal operating temperature. Just like the thermostat, a new radiator requires all the old coolant to be removed and benefits from a coolant flush to remove any dirt or debris left over from the manufacturing process.

We also offer motorsport-grade radiator upgrades. Motorsport radiators are made with a higher-grade aluminum that is better at dissipating heat and have more passes through the radiator to give the coolant a longer cooling period and drastically drop engine temperatures.

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Foreign Affairs Motorwerks has been South Florida’s Number 1 auto repair and maintenance shop since 1978. From flushes to repairs and upgrades, our team of ASE-approved technicians can perform any of your cooling system needs. 

If you are unsure when your car’s coolant was last replaced, don’t risk getting stranded on the side of the road, book your car in with Foreign Affairs Motorwerks today by calling us at (954) 746-0488!

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