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Do I Need To Go To A BMW Mechanic?

BMW Mechanic

You may be wondering if you can only take your BMW car to a dealership or head over to your nearest South Florida mechanic for your next service and maintenance. While there is virtually no difference in these two offerings, besides cost, you want a qualified and experienced BMW mechanic to take care of your car needs.

Here are some of the biggest misconceptions, debunked, to help answer that question.

BMW Dealer vs. Experienced Mechanic

Car dealers rely heavily on the service and maintenance income part of their business. They would always advise you to return to the dealership for services or repairs because it’s in their best interest. An experienced mechanic can offer the same service delivery at a reduced cost. Most mechanics are also car enthusiasts and share your passion for keeping your car pristine and performance-ready. Dealers are likely to try and upsell you on your model instead of focusing on repairs or maintenance.

Some other concerns BMW owners have about going to a non-dealer mechanic:

Training and Experience of Mechanics

One of the biggest misconceptions is that mechanics found at independent repair service centers are not as trained or as experienced as the ones at BMW dealerships. This is untrue. Most mechanics have significant experience in car maintenance and repairs. Coupled with their enthusiasm, independent mechanics are more likely to have significant experience in working in dealerships. At Foreign Affairs Motorwerks, all our technicians are highly trained and passionate about European cars.

Sourcing BMW Parts and Fluids

Any car owner knows that finding the best parts and correct fluid for their vehicle will ensure that the car runs smoother for longer. Adding to the list of misconceptions, dealerships would like you to believe that only they have exclusive rights and access to BMW parts. Parts are not limited to BMW dealerships only and can be sourced by your local mechanic.

Performing BMW Diagnostics Using The Right Technology

So only BMW dealerships have the best diagnostic technology, right? Wrong again. Most mechanics, especially those specializing in European cars, invest a good deal of money in specialized diagnostic equipment and technology. At Foreign Affairs Motorwerks, we use genuine BMW diagnostic equipment when servicing your bimmer.

Time and Accessibility

Dealerships are sometimes not as accessible as your nearest mechanic and it may take longer to get your vehicle there. Visiting a nearby service and repair center could save you on time and ensure you’re back on the road as soon as possible.

Cost and Acceptance of Extended Service Plans and Warranties at BMW Mechanics

BMW prides itself on being a stylish, performance-based quality car. It comes as no surprise then that service and maintenance costs are not exactly at the low-end of the cost-spectrum. Before breaking the bank by heading to your dealership, consider using a professional BMW service and repair shop to assess your car and provide you with a quote. This could cut down costs significantly while not impacting the standard of service provided.

Most BMW owners tend to lean towards retaining their car after the leasing period and post-service plan maintenance could become quite costly. Purchasing an extended service plan or warranty could assist in easing maintenance costs and are not only accepted by dealerships but many independent service repair and maintenance centers, depending on the conditions of the warranty.

Finding a Reputable BMW Mechanic in South Florida

Not sure when your BMW should be serviced or just need your car assessed? FAMS has you covered. Foreign Affairs Motorwerks is passionate about the bimmer and with over 42 years in the European auto repair business, you can trust that we know what we’re doing. We also welcome BMW extended service and warranty plans. Contact us today at (954) 746-0488, we take car servicing seriously.

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