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A working electrical system can mean the difference between a pleasant trip or a call to the tow truck company.  If you think that you may have an electrical fault, our advice is to sort it out sooner rather than later. Ask our ASE-certified team, with over 30 years of experience, we will quickly have you out on the road again.

Common failure points of a vehicle’s electrical system:

1. Alternator

This device converts the mechanical energy in the rotation of the engine into electrical energy. This is used to charge the battery, power the headlights, and run the onboard computer.

2. Battery

Most internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles use a single lead acid battery that produces 12v. The battery stores enough energy to start the vehicle and run the emergency flashers if required.

3. Starter Motor

The biggest current user of a vehicle’s electrical system; is the starter motor. This is what cranks the engine allowing it to begin running.

4. Fuel Pump or Relay

All modern ICE cars use an electric fuel pump which is controlled by the engine control unit (ECU).

5. Ignition Coil(s)

Most modern gasoline vehicles have a coil connected to each cylinder. Some, however, have a ‘coil pack’ that serves all the cylinders.

Signs of electrical problems:

1. Slow Cranking Speed

If your engine cranks over slowly it may indicate that your battery or charging system have faults.

2. Clicking Sound and No Crank

If the engine fails to crank and you hear a ‘click’ from under the hood, there may be a problem with the starter motor.

3. Dim Headlights that Brighten With Speed

Do your headlamps appear dim when the engine is ticking over? Do they brighten up when you step on the gas? The battery may be failing.

4. Hesitation Under Throttle/Cutting Out

Often related to a failing fuel pump, an engine that will idle but not rev well, or one that cuts out.

5. Vehicle Won’t Start/Unlock

Unresponsive remote (you’ve changed the battery)? The problem may lie with the immobilizer or engine control unit.

6. General Electrical System Faults

Failure of the AC fan, headlights, flasher, horn, or demisters can often indicate an electrical problem.

Do you have one (or more) of the above problems? Then it is likely that you have a faulty electrical system. 

Electrical Services Offered At Foreign Affairs Motorwerks:

1. Charging System Tests

A comprehensive test of the vehicle’s charging system, including a battery test.

2. Starter Motor and Alternator Rebuild/Replacement

Depending on your vehicle it can be better to have these components rebuilt. Many vehicles use quality systems like Bosch or Mitsubishi for which spare parts are readily available. In the event of service parts not being available these components can be replaced outright.

3. Immobilizer Diagnostics

This involves connecting the car up to a computer system to check for internal faults with the immobilizer.

4. Fuel Pump Replacement

Fuel pumps are sealed units and so are replaced instead of serviced. You can prolong the life of your fuel pump by making sure that the filter is regularly changed.

5. General Electrical Diagnostics

A single door failing to lock/unlock or headlights that won’t turn on (or off) can be related to the electrical system. Our general diagnostics and troubleshooting involve using test apparatus to pinpoint these problems.

6. Bulb Replacement

Modern vehicles often use headlight systems with xenon or LED technology. A failed headlamp can mean more than just a bulb replacement. At Foreign Affairs Motorwerks, our team is familiar with all types of lighting technology. We work on anything from vintage halogen to High-Intensity Discharge (HID) lighting.

For all your automotive service and repair needs, call Foreign Affairs Motorwerks today at 954-746-0488.

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