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Elevate Your Driving Experience With BMW Performance Upgrades

BMW Performance

“Aus Freude am Fahren”. Sheer Driving Pleasure. All BMWs are designed with this philosophy in mind. While the M-sport series of cars get the majority of praise for their performance, almost any BMW can be given a significant performance upgrade with a few simple mods, elevating the experience of driving your BMW. We sat with our performance shop pros to discuss some of their favorite BMW performance upgrades.

Performance Tuning​​​​​​

There’s a common misconception that you need to do a bunch of hardware upgrades to justify the cost of a tune, but even on a completely stock BMW, a tune can unlock some extra horsepower, improve throttle response and improve shift times. When BMW tuned your car at the factory, they needed to take into consideration all the different qualities, fuel economy, and various emissions laws of different states and countries while keeping the tune mild enough that anyone could drive their cars

A good tuner can make a map suited for where you live, the fuel you use, how you use your car, and how you drive. For example, two different people with the same model BMW X5, where one driver needs a lot of torque for towing, and the other wants better acceleration, each of these cars could get vastly different maps that change how the car behaves

Products like RaceChip give you all the benefits of a tune without voiding warranties, as it is completely reversible through the RaceChip App

Let Your Engine Breathe ​​​​​​

Improving how your engine breathes can improve performance for both naturally aspirated and turbocharged BMWs. What we mean by this is how effectively your engine can receive air and disposes of exhaust gasses. This upgrade has two parts, intake and exhaust. Fitting a less restrictive intake will allow your engine to pull in more fresh air while an upgraded performance exhaust, like one from Akrapovič will make sure exhaust gasses leave the engine as quickly as possible

Combine this with a tune, and you’ll be unlocking maximum BMW performance.

Upgrade Your Tires​​​​​​

There’s no point in making all the horsepower in the world if you can’t put that power to the ground. While limit slip differentials, polyurethane bushings, and stiffer suspension can all help transfer power, the best bang for your buck upgrade is a good set of high-performance tires. Whether you’re taking your BMW to the track or just enjoying some spirited driving on some winding roads, a good set of rubber will allow your BMW to hold on to the road through corners at higher speeds

Our personal recommendations for upgraded rubber are from Michelin’s Pilot Sport range and Perilli’s P-zero tires. While the Michelins are better gripping, the Perilli’s offer a quieter ride, so the choice will come down to your personal preference.

A Full-Stage Kit​​​​​​

While cherry-picking the best parts can help you free every single horsepower and make your BMW unique, we also understand that sometimes you just want a performance boost that just works, and you don’t have to think about it. Enter full-stage kit. A full-stage kit has predictable performance gains and set prices. The benefit of this is you know beforehand exactly the performance you’ll be getting for your money, and every single part you need to reliably run these high power numbers are provide

Cobb Tuning and Dinan Motorsport are masters of tuning BMWs and offer some of the most comprehensive kits on the market. Whether you want a mild stage 1 tune or you want to go supercar hunting with a stage 3+, Cobb and Dinan will have you covered

BMW Performance Shop In Pompano Beach​​​​​​

Whether you’re looking for a power boost for your brand new M4, or you’re looking to breathe new life into your classic 3.0 CSL, Foreign Affairs Motorwerks has you covered. From bolt-on performance to engine rebuilds, we offer every service you could possibly need for your BMW. Simply tell us what your goals are and our talented team of mechanics will handle the rest. So don’t delay, book your BMW in today by calling (954) 746-0488!

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