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Escort CI-360 Radar Detector Installation

A seamlessly integrated radar detection system for your car. The Escort CI-360 offers the best radar gun detection available. Front and rear radar receivers combine with four laser shifters to protect you against all speed monitoring. Here’s how your Escort CI-360 is best installed in your car.

What’s In The Box? 

Escort CI-360 Radar Detector Installation

The first step is choosing the right radar detector for your needs. Your Escort CI-360 system comes neatly packaged with a few key items including:

  • Four ShifterMax sensors
  • A Display Controller
  • An Interface
  • A GPS Antenna
  • Front and Rear detector/receivers

This installation can be overwhelming, but that’s where Foreign Affairs Motorwerks steps in. 

Here’s a look at the key installation steps to be aware of:

1. Mounting Your Radar

The first step is installing your Escort system. Conventional systems are often installed on your dashboard. The dashboard provides a highly visible location for maximum coverage. Although this location can be optimal, these units are often clunky and cumbersome. Your Escort CI-360 system is different. It’s designed to be as discreet as possible.

An Escort seamless integration makes use of the best-suited position in your car. This may either be on the dash, the interior rearview mirror, or elsewhere on your car. What makes the Escort CI-360 different is how small it is. It’s incredibly minimal and discreet. You won’t even notice it’s there until it’s warning you of a speed trap. And how does your radar detector work? That may be a conversation for another day. Foreign Affairs Motorwerks are licensed to install the Escort CI-360 system. Their professional technicians will discuss the optimal positioning of your Escort detector.

2. No More Clutter

The Escort CI-360 is installed in such a way that you won’t notice any wires or cables. All you see is the minimal user interface. All cables for your system are tucked away through the headlining of your car—no messy cables hanging from your windshield or dash. Escort installation keeps all the mess out of sight and safe from getting damaged. Its radar detection installation is made easy. Remember to use an Escort licensed installer for the best job.

3. Installed For 360° Protection

Your radar detector installation is designed around getting maximum protection from radar traps. The Escort CI-360 incorporates a front and rear radar receiver. No need to worry; the rear receiver will also be discreetly installed out of sight. Not only from your eyes but also from external detection by authorities. The Escort is 100% undetectable. The four ShifterMax sensors ensure that you’re protected from speed monitoring. With all this protection, you can rest assured that all your performance tuning wasn’t a waste.

4. App Assistance

Your Escort CI-360 comes with the Drive SmarterApp. The app enables advanced security features, shared community alerts, and a gallery timeline of your dash cam videos. The Foreign Affairs team will help you install this on your phone and give you pointers on how to use it.

Radar Detection Installation In South Florida

Foreign Affairs Motorwerks supply and install all Escort CI-360 systems. This kind of installation requires specialist knowledge and experience. It’s always best to trust your local team of technicians to get it installed right. A Foreign Affairs custom install expert will best advise you on your Escort installation. Speak to one of our custom install experts today at 954 746-0488.

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