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FAMTactics Showcases The Radical Sports Car

Radical sports car

The Radical SR3 sports car is a feat that we at Foreign Affairs Motorsport are very proud to showcase in light of the recent advancements and trends in the automotive industry. At this German auto repair workshop, it’s about so much more than just the unique designs and versatile materials – keeping up with the more structural requirements for a good track racing car is also paramount. Currently, two outfitted Radical sports cars stand ready in the garage, each 1500 CC power plant by Hayabusa. After an array of professional vehicle performance upgrades, done by Radical, they are ready to be run on the track.

What makes the performance tuning on these vehicles so special? It is the structural integrity of the Radical sports car that really drives home the excitement around this showcase. The new and improved Radical sports car boasts a full-body carbon fiber kit. This is not just any kit, but one that has been especially designed and customized at Foreign Affairs Motorsport. The full body fiber kits are integral to the creation of a car that is not only strong, but also extremely light weight when you’re getting around the track.

At Foreign Affairs Motorsport we are so passionate about everything auto that we offer our clients the option to have us organize their time on the track, including delivery, return and restoration before the next run. We offer this through a program called “Arrive and Drive” which are typically done over a three-day period. At the moment the program extends as far as the Southeast, our neighboring states, but it takes place mostly here in Florida – although we are always looking to grow! This program is an exciting opportunity for anyone who is passionate about racing to get out on the track in the most convenient way possible and with help from the experts in the industry when you need it most. Find out more from Bobby Varela himself about how you can drive this vehicle and around which tracks:

BOBBY VARELA: Hi, my name is Bobby Varela from Foreign Affairs Motorsport and today we’re showcasing the Radical SR3s English built race car, track day car. As you can see here we’ve got two of them. They are both the 1500 CC power plant by Hayabusa, modified by Radical. This particular SR3 is outfitted with a carbon fiber body kit. So, as you can see some of it has some vinyl over it but the entire body is carbon fiber – definitely adding to the structural integrity, as well as adding to the lightness of the vehicle. This particular platform is on a fiberglass body – all the same design, just different materials.

Foreign Affairs offers “Arrive and Drive” programs – so the client can come out to the track venue and run his car, and we will maintain it, transport it, bring it back and get it prepped for the next event. We do typically two and three-day programs and tracks all over the United States, predominantly here in Florida – Sebring, Homestead, Daytona, PBIR, and we also visit tracks in the adjoining states here in the Southeast, US.

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