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5 Signs That You Need A Fuel Injector Service

Taking U.S. Route 1 to Key West is a truly iconic drive. It’s a drive that allows you to take your car on a cruise and enjoy the smooth journey to paradise. That is, as long as your engine keeps running smoothly. A vibrating or misfiring engine can soon spoil your relaxing escapade. Faulty fuel injectors can cause several problematic engine issues. Here are 5 signs that your car needs a fuel injector service.

1. Misfiring Engine

Dirty or clogged fuel injectors can cause your engine to misfire. How do you know you’ve had a misfire? It feels like a splutter or stagger. Your engine will miss a few beats and make an unusual sound. In severe cases, you may be thrown back and forth in your seat. Misfiring occurs when your injectors cannot supply enough fuel to the engine. Struggling with delayed acceleration? This is another sign that your injectors need servicing. Although your engine may continue running, the experience can be unpleasant.

2. Poor Mileage

Engines that don’t receive the optimum fuel mixture burn more fuel. This may seem counterintuitive, with clogged injectors holding back petrol. But the result is that your engine consumes more gas to keep running. Think of your engine as getting desperate to keep going. So instead of sipping gas, it gulps gas. Remember that your engine will do all it can to continue running If that means using more gas, then so be it.

3. Rough Idling

Is your tachometer dancing around when idling? Does your engine sound like it’s not maintaining that constant hum? These are tell-tale signs of clogged fuel injectors. When gas levels drop below the required amount for idling, your car will shudder. Worst case scenario, it may even stall! A trusted auto repair facility will perform a fuel injector service and keep your engine idling smoothly.

4. Check Engine Light

Check engine lights aren’t to be ignored. They almost always point toward an engine malfunction. What causes this light to come on? It’s usually linked to an engine efficiency issue, which causes the warning light to trigger. A state of the art auto repair facility will have the equipment on hand to check the exact cause of your check engine light. Don’t risk the health of your engine by driving around with your light on. It’s always best to get it checked out.

5. Fuel Leaks 

Cracked or broken fuel injectors may leak gas. Leaks can also result from the fuel injector line that connects to your injectors. Fuel leaks prevent fuel from reaching the nozzle. This means your engine won’t get fuel, and your car may not start. A sure sign of a fuel leak results in a strong smell of fuel. Gas may leak on your engine, causing a burning smell when you drive. If there’s a strong gas smell, take your car in immediately.

Why You Shouldn’t Leave Faulty Fuel Injectors

Although you may still be able to drive with faulty fuel injectors, they can cause further damage. Your engine may be at risk of flooding. A flooded engine may require a professional mechanic to fix it. Your engine will also be under increased strain as it struggles to maintain power. Perpetual stalls aren’t good for your engine. Engines that are protected from irregular operation patterns will last the longest.

How Often Should I Get A Fuel Injector Service?

Fuel injectors should be serviced every 36-48 months or 45,000 miles. Call Foreign Affairs Motorwerks for comprehensive fuel injection services. We specialize in all fuel injector repairs. 

We also offer a full preventative maintenance schedule which is car model specific. There are many benefits of regular vehicle maintenance

If you suspect a fuel injector issue, feel free to pull into Foreign Affairs Motorwerks in Pompano Beach or give us a call at 954-746-0488 to schedule an appointment.

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