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Have you ever felt the need to get out and burn some rubber in a competitive environment? Have you attended all Porsche’s advanced driving courses, and yet yearn for more? Ever wondered where to even begin? From the outset, competitive track events seem daunting. Even if you already own a vehicle, there are the questions of entry, pit stop crew, logistics, and maintenance. Few people can afford to permanently employ the staff needed to enjoy the sport. This is where Foreign Affairs Motorsport’s Race Track Services come to the fore. This article serves as a brief taste of what you can enjoy as a subscriber to our company:

  • Arrive & Drive Programs

    The name is pretty self-explanatory, if you want the pleasure of race track driving without the hassle of ownership, or are out for your first taste in race track driving why not attend one of our arrive and drive events? These usually extend over two days. You supply the vehicle and spend the first day getting familiar with it, and the second day applying the skills you learnt to beat your personal best. For more information, inquire about last year’s event at the Sebring International Raceway.

  • Race Car Track Support

    This is for the more experienced drivers. If you already own a competitive vehicle, our race track service features all-inclusive pit-stop, race-day tuning and communications support. We’ll even handle event accommodation and hospitality if you require it.

  • DE Track Support

    DE Track events are similar to Arrive & Drive race track services, but with one crucial difference; you provide the vehicle, and we do the logistics and maintenance. There are many different events that you can attend, and all of them are good. We recommend Porsche Club of America Club Racing or if you are an intermediate to professional driver, David Murray Track Days.

  • Car Storage

    Planning on going away for a long period? We can store our car for you at our 8500 square foot facility. Our expert team of ASE certified technicians will prepare the vehicle for storage, and provided you give us notice of your date of return, have it ready for collection as soon as you set foot in the door.

  • Track Transportation

    Performance vehicles are very lightweight and easily damaged by poor transportation. For your peace of mind, why not let our experts handle it?

  • Mechanical Service and Tuning

    Performance vehicles are often on the cutting edge of automotive engineering and technologies, which feature a complex mesh of electrical and mechanical systems. It is easy for something to go badly wrong, and so we also offer the following services:

    • Engine & Transmission Rebuilds

      High mileage or failed main bearings can often call for rebuilds, and our ASE certified team is more than capable of restoring your engine or transmission to better-than-new.

    • Suspension/Brake Upgrades

      Performance without good handling and braking are potential safety hazards, so always combine a performance upgrade with requisite suspension and steering modifications.

    • Corner Balancing and Precision 4 Wheel Alignments

      Proper wheel alignment can shave precious seconds off of your concerning time, and is a crucial race track service. Our advanced laser guided computer systems will ensure that your track vehicle goes exactly where you want it to.

    • Paint/Body Work

      Turn your car into a head turner with our inhouse paint shop, your dreams are our reality.

    • Performance Tuning

      Even the best needs adjustment, so from dynos and ECU remapping to custom intakes and exhausts, we have it all.

  • Tire Storage & Transport

    Track tires are easily damaged by street use, and if you are short of storage space, or need your rubber hauled to an event, no request is too much for Foreign Affairs Motorsports.

  • Engine Conversions and Performance Sales

    From mild to wild overnight, we can upgrade your older BMW e30 or other performance marques to newer and more powerful, efficient motors.

  • Professional Coaching

    Just bought the car of your dreams, but scared of a fender bender? Our professional staff drivers have unrivaled race track service experience and will nurture your talent, allowing your potential to develop.

  • Data/Camera Systems

    One of the best ways to learn is by reviewing your mistakes. Capturing live footage and track times are just one of the plethora of race track services we offer, but when reviewed by our coaches, can be the difference that takes your driving to the next level.

  • Hospitality

    Track days can be long and tiring without a good night’s rest and decent meals. Our team are familiar with most of the clubs and venues, so arrangement of decent accommodation and meals are a breeze.

This is just a small taste of the wide range of race track services that we offer, to experience the real thing, why not bring your car in for a free tech inspection and meet our friendly team of ASE certified technicians? We support and attend many different clubs and race track events. Foreign Affairs Motorsports, we are racing.

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