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Getting Track Ready At Our Porsche Performance Parts Center

Porsche performance parts

It’s that time of the year, you want to show off what you and your car is made of and take your Porsche to the track. Well if that’s the case, don’t forget to get your Porsche track ready with Porsche performance parts. Whether you own a performance car or a race car, Foreign Affairs Motorsport are ready to help you get your vehicle track ready, we are equipped with the latest diagnostic tools and a wide array of track services.

What You Need To Get Your Vehicle Track Ready

Have you ever heard the saying, a car is only as good as its parts? Or the more colloquial version, the whole is equal to the sum of its parts. Well this holds true for most things, cars especially. So, in order to get your car track ready, you may need some Porsche performance parts, this opens a whole new realm of possibility and power available to you and your Porsche.

  • Engine and Transmission Rebuilds

    Have you ever found your Porsche lacking in power or perhaps it’s not as fuel efficient as you would like. Engine and transmission rebuilds can be done to your Porsche giving you the freedom to drive your Porsche to its limit and yours.

  • Suspension Upgrades

    Suspension provides your Porsche with control, handling and comfort of ride. By increasing the suspension, you can have more control at the cost of comfort and vice versa.

  • Performance Tires

    Tires are often overlooked when getting ready for the track, however, depending on where you will be driving a set of sticky tires can give you a boost of up to 100 horse power. So, it’s important to know what tires to choose from.

  • Break Upgrades

    Along with power upgrades, brake upgrades is a must! You gain so much more power by installing performance parts that you need that extra stopping power, especially on the track.

  • Performance Tuning

    This is an important step when it comes to increasing performance and involves such things as ECU remapping, clutch upgrades, coil over installs and turbo upgrades.


What We Can Do For You At The Track

Services like engine rebuilds, performance tuning and replacing parts are important when getting your Porsche track ready. However, it is not the only service that Foreign Affairs Motorsport offers.

  • Free Tech Inspections

    Tech inspection is a process where certain parts of your vehicle are checked, such as, safety features, height, weight, width, gauges, chassis underwing, etc.

  • Tire Storage and Transport

    Now that your Porsche is ready for the track, you may be wondering how you are going to store and transport tires. This shouldn’t be an issue for you, so we take care of it.

  • Professional Coaching

    What better way to be 100% track ready than to have a professional coach by your side – coaching you through every aspect of the track.

  • Camera Systems and Data Collection

    Your car can be fitted with the latest cameras and sensors allowing you to get the best possible feedback on your laps.

  • Drive and Arrive

    Perhaps your Porsche is already fitted with the latest performance parts and you already know how to handle the track or you would prefer not to use your vehicle – great news – we have Drive and Arrive, allowing you to get straight onto the track.

Foreign Affairs Motorsport is definitely the place to go to when getting track ready this year. Covering everything from engine reworks to something as simple as paint and body work. Foreign Affairs Motorsport offers a vast selection of Porsche performance parts in South Florida.

Don’t forget to check out our hosted events happening in South Florida on our calendar for more information.

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