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You drive a car from one of the great performance marques, but lately it seems that it just isn’t performing like it used to. Everything ages, and unlike an early Picasso, machinery does not do it gracefully. Luckily the ASE certified team at Foreign Affairs Motorsports performance shop can give advice on some tasteful modifications.

Before you begin any radical changes, it’s important to ensure that your vehicle is already at its performance peak by giving it a thorough checkup. Replacing any critical parts that may be at the end of service their service life such as cambelts and water pumps is vital to the continued performance of your auto. Foreign Affairs is a shop with over thirty years of experience in makes such as Porsche, BMW and Mercedes so you can rest assured that their competent team will ensure that your vehicle is given the necessary preventative maintenance and tune-up.

Ready to unleash the beast from your machine? We are going to look at three broad categories of car modifications that you can consider:

Suspension, Steering, and Braking

Before you add too much extra torque to your wheels or horses to the engine, you need to be able to control it. Even just being able to take corners at maximum speed will greatly improve your cars track performance. Safety is key and something we take extremely seriously at Foreign Affairs, so looking to upgrade your suspension and steering is vital. Not only will we replace any control arms and joints that are out of spec during our tune-up, but additional components from our shop can be fitted, such as custom sport suspensions on your BMW to correct understeer and allow you to power through the corners.

Other shop modifications like aggressive shock absorbers can be fitted for more control, and we can even lower your car if it will improve its drivability. Often the stock wheels and tires just aren’t capable of delivering the performance you need; at our shop, we can also advise you on a set of mags that will not only crank your car’s wow factor up a notch, but also remove the opponents smirk as you pull away from the start.

Controlling your speed is one thing, but stopping safely is quite another. Important car braking system modifications is another area of our expertise. We can completely overhaul your existing braking system, optimizing it for performance by changing rotors, calipers and hydraulics.

Engine Power and Torque

Stock engines are optimized for efficiency, emissions and then performance. Once you have the control through a performance optimized suspension and braking system, the engine gets the attention it deserves. Nothing is too big or too small for us at Foreign Affairs. Our shop can do something as simple as an air intake restyle, to extremely complex work like performance cam shaft fitment, dyno tuning and ECU modifications. The exhaust is another area where you can score much bang for your buck performance wise. Adding larger pipes and improving the exhaust flow will not only give your engine more power, but it will also make it sound sweet.

Styling and Look

Finally, we get to the street cred. Looks are a very important part of a car’s performance. Seriously. Modifications such as spoilers and air dams not only make your car a piece of eye candy, but reduce or increase drag co-efficient where you need it the most. Want to change its color? No problem, our paint shop can do it!

As you can see, there is much more under the hood of car modification then meets the eye. The best thing is, you don’t need to be an expert at it, because we are. Visit Foreign Affairs Motorsports performance shop today and start your journey with our passionate team.

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