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Mercedes Repair: Worn Window Regulators

Mercedes Repair

Mercedes-Benz have built their reputation on two core principles. Reliability and luxury, but no matter how well built a car is, no matter how well your Mercedes is maintained, all components will experience wear and tear. There is one specific component in your Mercedes that when it does fail, will immediately make your car feel neither reliable nor particularly luxurious. We’re talking about your window regulator, a common Mercedes repair.

What Is A Window Regulator?

The majority of cars with electric windows make use of a window regulator. A window regulator is the device that opens and closes your car windows. Mercedes-Benz makes use of a cable driven regulator setup. Whenever you open or close your car’s window, an electric motor pulls and releases on different ends of a cable to either raise or lower the window’s glass.

How Can A Window Regulator Fail In My Mercedes?

Mercedes-Benz window regulators can be divided into four major parts. The window buttons. The electric motor. The pulley, cable and guides, and lastly the metal frame that holds the glass. Either one of these parts can be the culprit of a broken window regulator

The Window Button

If you try to open and close your windows, but nothing is happening, the switches inside the button may have broken, or the electrical contacts leading to the button are corroded or damaged. If the button is unable to send a signal to the regulator, your windows won’t work.

The Electric Motor

If you begin to hear a loud mechanical whine coming from your door every time you open or close your window, or if your window is opening and closing too quickly or too slowly, chances are the electric motor is on its way out. The electric motor in your window regulator is similar to the one you’d find in an electric drill or screwdriver, and after a lot of use, the coils can short and burn out. While regulator motors can be repaired, it’s often easy and cheaper to replace it with an OEM unit.

Cable Detachment and Broken Pulleys

As the cables move over the pulleys to open and close your windows both the pulley and the cable experience wear. If either the pulley or cable breaks, you may experience either your window opening and closely unevenly or being able to manually open and close the window without any resistance. Mercedes Benz offers regulator repair kits that come with new cables, guides and pulleys.

The Regulator Frame

The regulator frame holds the glass, the electric motor, the pulleys and guides, and is very rarely the cause of regulator failure. Frames traditionally only cause issues if an aftermarket motor has been fitted that has either too much torque or is not calibrated correctly and can use the cables to twist or warp the frame. Other examples of failures in regulator frames include damage for a collision or if a bolt that secures the frame to the door comes loose or breaks.

Mercedes Repair Center In Pompano Beach

Should you be experiencing any issues with your Mercedes-Benz window regulators, our team of trained Mercedes repair mechanics can quickly assess and repair your car with the best replacement parts. For all your Mercedes-Benz needs, think Foreign Affairs Motorwerks, South Florida’s Premier Auto Repair, Performance & Race Facility Since 1978.

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