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Oil Changes At Foreign Affairs Motorwerks

The best way to prolong the life of your car is to take it in for regular oil changes. This will save you money and increase the value of your car. The key is all about consistency. Regular oil changes maintain a healthy engine. Oil is the lubricant of all your engine components. Oil allows your engine to run smoothly and safely. Without oil, or with dirty oil, your engine will wear, causing damage. At Foreign Affairs Motorwerks, we specialize in oil changes.

The Benefits Of Regular Oil Changes

Engine oil keeps your engine lubricated. It reduces friction and forms a seal between your cylinder walls, pistons, and rings. It keeps your engine protected. Don’t be fooled into thinking that your engine is safe as long as your oil is topped up. Old oil can damage your engine. Regular oil changes are the key to looking after your car. Here’s how regular oil changes will benefit you and your car:

Improved Performance

A lubricated engine allows your car to perform at its peak. This means you’ll enjoy smooth driving and punchy performance. Your trusted auto repair facility will advise you on the best oil for your car’s performance.

Better Gas Mileage

Your engine has moving parts that create friction. Over time, oil begins to lose its viscosity. This means that it doesn’t lubricate the engine as well as it used to. The result is that your engine has to work harder to keep the parts moving. The harder your engine works, the worse your fuel consumption. Regular oil changes ensure that you continue to get the best mileage out of your car.

Lower Emissions

We’re all more aware of the environment nowadays. And it’s worth doing what we can to lower fuel emissions. As oil ages, it begins to burn less efficiently. It doesn’t burn as cleanly as new oil and releases pollutants into the atmosphere. Regular oil changes ensure that your engine oil burns at its optimal level. Let’s do all we can to prioritize environmentally-friendly driving.

Prevents build-up

As oil flows through your engine, it accumulates debris and dirt. The good news is that your oil filter protects your engine from most of the debris. But small particles still slip through the filter. Dirt in your engine will slowly wear away at your components. Clean oil ensures that your engine remains clean and protected.

Prolonged Engine Life 

Regular oil changes can add years to your engine. Clean oil will protect your engine from increased wear and tear. With better performance and no sludge build-up, your engine will run for years to come.

What Oil Is Best For My Car?

Luxury performance cars need the right oil. The wrong oil can affect performance, consumption, and engine wear and tear. At Foreign Affairs, one of our trusted technicians will advise you on the best-suited oil for your car.

Conventional Oil: Most cars on the road use conventional oil. It’s designed for city driving with various weather conditions.

Higher Mileage Oil: If you have a higher mileage car, then a higher mileage oil will be the option to go for. Higher mileage cars oil is suited for cars with mileage over 75,000 miles. This oil is formulated to help prevent oil burn-off and oil leaks.

Synthetic Oil: Synthetic oil is formulated for performance driving. Most performance cars should use synthetic oil or at least a synthetic blend. Synthetic oil gives your engine the maximum protection it needs. 

Foreign Affairs Have Your Next Oil Change Covered

At Foreign Affairs Motorwerks, we offer our clients a comprehensive oil change service. We know the cars we service, and we know which oil is right for your car. Our oil change service includes:

  • Full oil drain
  • Oil filter change
  • New oil replacement
  • Comprehensive oil leak check

At Foreign Affairs, we also specialize in scheduled maintenance plans. Pull in for a free oil level check, and join the Foreign Affairs Motorwerks Family.

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