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Our Favorite Performance Products For 2021

Performance Products

The saying clothes maketh not the man is largely true, but they sure do help. Here at Foreign Affairs Motorwerks we have more years than we’d care to remember in the shop. Despite this, there is nothing we like better than talking about our passion. ‘Well begun is half done’, said Disney’s Mary Poppins; the same is true for performance products for your auto. Just as the quality of the cake lies in its ingredients, so the longevity and performance of your vehicle lies in its parts.

Let’s take a look at some of our favorites:

Mobil 1 Oils

Going back to basics, we’re here to tell you that your grandpa was right. The secret to any vehicle lasting a long time is good oil and regular changes. With over 100 years in the oil making industry Mobil has it taped. We only use their synthetic oils (unless the application demands otherwise) and recommend sticking to your service schedule. The most engine wear is caused just after startup, especially in colder weather.

Now we don’t have temperature extremes here, but if you ‘make that California trip’ you may head into the snow belt. Running a good oil can be the difference between an awesome time or having to rebuild your engine. If you have any doubt as to your last oil change, get it checked!

Carbon Revolution Wheels

One of the most recent developments in performance products has been using carbon fiber for wheels.

Most of us are familiar with the magnesium alloys that have been the staple of performance vehicles since the late 70’s. Comparatively speaking, they are quite heavy when pitted against a full carbon fiber rim. Carbon fiber is a bit like Meghan Fox; quite stunning but difficult to work with. Understandably making wheels out of it was groundbreaking. Superior performance combined with a really awesome look; what is there not to like?

Racechip Tuning

We get it. Most manufacturers tune their vehicle’s ECU to meet economy, longevity and emissions standards. While performance is important, they first have to jump over the hurdles of bureaucracy.

At Foreign Affairs Motorwerks, we are all about performance and we aren’t about to let an ECU get in our way. That is why we are a proud reseller of Racechip performance products. They have come up with a solution that allows us to unlock the full potential of the many excellent performance motors on the market. This puts the control of the engine management once again firmly in the driving seat.

GiroDisk Braking

Excellent engine performance is all very well if you can stop effectively. Enter Giro Disk braking systems. This is an all-American company we are particularly proud of. Run by an ex-Porsche engineer, they design custom braking systems to work for all your performance requirements. Unfettered by the cost constraints affecting vehicle manufacturers and assisted by CAD packages they are true magicians of performance braking products.

Akrapovic or Cargraphic Exhaust Systems

We aren’t fans of the modern ‘exhaust note emulators. Being more old school, we prefer the formula of tuned motor plus tuned exhaust equals beautiful noise (not the Neil Diamond single). A performance exhaust system directly translates into more power and better gas mileage, then there’s that lovely rich engine note. If you haven’t heard of Akrapovic (pronounced ak-rah-pov-ich) some jazz hands on the confuser are strongly recommended. These puppies have a long racing history and design beautiful looking and sounding exhaust systems.

Performance Products for Luxury Vehicles in Pompano Beach

Times are tough, so more than ever we need to make each day count. So, if you are planning a performance modification, why not pop in and discuss it with us? You can also drop us a line at 954-746-0488 anytime Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 5:30 PM!

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