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Auto Performance Upgrades In Pompano Beach

If you’re looking for increased performance, you’re at the right place. Foreign Affairs Motorwerks is South Florida’s Premier Auto Performance facility. Specializing in a wide range of automotive performance upgrades and enhancements, our services include engine enhancements, ECU chip upgrades, and performance rims, to name a few.

The European Auto Specialists in South Florida

Our skilled technicians have a passion for European automotive performance brands. These include Porsche, BMW, Audi, and Mercedes-Benz. The Foreign Affairs race facility is kitted out to improve your car’s performance. Why not consider one of these performance upgrades?

ECU Tuning

An Engine Control Unit (ECU) handles optimal engine performance. It works by controlling a series of actuators that help your engine run. Most cars contain a standard ECU. Although you may enjoy a certain level of performance, ECU tuning is a world to explore. Our team understands the ins and outs of ECU tuning.

Foreign Affairs Motorwerks stocks trusted brands such as Dinan Motorsport, APR Tuning, AWE Tuning, Cobb Tuning, and ESS Tuning ECU chips and ECU flashing. By replacing your standard ECU with a performance ECU, you’ll notice a considerable performance difference. 

Cold Air Intakes

Air intake upgrades are a great way to gain power. The science is simple, the more air that enters your intake, the more horsepower you’ll have. You can start with a performance air filter. This will help to increase your airflow rate. But the benefits of a performance air filter are limited.

To gain considerable power, the answer is to replace your factory intake with a performance cold air intake. It works by sucking cooler air into your engine. Cooler air is denser, which leads to a higher velocity. The result is more horsepower! You can typically enjoy an extra 5-10hp. Cold Air intakes are a safe and reliable way to get out that extra horsepower.

Performance Wheels

Rims, tires, and wheels can add to your car’s road-holding abilities. Our performance team will consider factors such as tire diameter, tire width, and wheel weight. Tweaking these dynamics can add to performance.

You may want to opt for a lower-profile wheelset. Low profiles are thinner, which improves stability and cornering. Larger tire width can increase acceleration. This is due to a larger surface area connecting to the road.

When it comes to rims, the more lightweight the better. One of Foreign Affairs’ rims brands is Apex Wheels. Apex uses a technology called ‘rotary forging’ when building its rims. This ensures the right balance of strength and weight. Why not ask one of the Foreign Affairs Motorwerks mechanics to advise you on a new set of performance wheels?

Brakes That Bite

Another consideration is your car’s braking power. The more horsepower you have, the more braking power you need. Performance brake kits are an excellent way to enhance your driver’s confidence. High-end performance brake kits may be more affordable than you think. Nothing can replace that sure-footed feeling of that instant brake pedal response. 

What does a performance brake kit include? You’ll typically find brake pads, large calipers, performance rotors, and the necessary hardware for installation. With brands like Brembo brakes on offer at Foreign Affairs, you can’t go wrong. Remember to do regular brake maintenance to ensure your family’s safety.

Turbo’s And Super’s

The best way to improve your engine performance is to get a supercharger or turbocharger fitted. Fitting one of these can up your engine power by up to a few 100hp! Here’s how they work. With a turbocharger, a turbine spins a compressor that forces high-pressure air into your engine. By combining this with increased fuel, the result is more horsepower. Superchargers have one key difference in that they’re belt-driven. They provide the power boost earlier on in your RPM range. Turbos need a longer build-up time. Either of these performance upgrades will dramatically increase your acceleration!

Pompano Beach Auto Performance Experts

Foreign Affairs Motorwerks is built around sound racing performance principles. We offer a full range of trusted performance upgrades. And our state-of-the-art workshop boasts over 40 years of experience. Why not call us at (954)-746-0488 to get see how you can improve your car’s performance.

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