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Performance Exhausts to Blow You Away

Akrapovic exhaust system

Get More Performance with an Akrapovic Exhaust System

What can the Akrapovic exhaust system do for your car? In short, a lot.

You see, manufacturers will save costs where they can and where they know that the showroom appeal of their product will not be compromised. After all, when you’re taking a Porsche or Audi for a test drive, you’ll likely be more concerned with the condition of the car (if it isn’t new), the quality of the driving experience, the practicality of the interior, and the “surprise and delight” features inside. Carefully scrutinizing the exhaust system isn’t ordinarily on the checklist, but it should be on your list of potential upgrades when you take a look at the benefits. Take the BMW M4 as a quick example; respected for its performance but lamented for a lack of a pleasing ‘voice’, it is acoustically transformed with the Akrapovic exhaust system.

Manufacturers simply leave plenty of room for enhancement when it comes to certain components, your exhaust system being one of them. A better system will allow exhaust gases to escape more easily, air and fuel to exit the combustion chambers faster, and ultimately more power to be generated.

Save Weight on One of Audi’s Best
The gorgeous Audi S5 does its manufacturer proud. Its svelte lines and powerful V8 engine make it an intoxicating package. Yet, it can be even better. The Akrapovic Slip-On stainless steel exhaust system, designed specifically for the S5, will increase power, especially in the low and mid-range (we all know what happens once this 4,2-liter gets to explore the upper reaches of the rev range). There’s also a weight-saving of up to nine pounds over the standard system.

A Super Exhaust System For A True Supercar
Staying with Audi but taking it up a few notches is the Titanium Slip-On System for the Audi R8 5,2-liter FSI (coupé or spyder models). This system is made using titanium alloy and, considering the mid-engine layout of Audi’s hottest sports car, offers valuable weight savings at the rear of the car, adding sharper handling to the list of improvements. With superior muffler shapes, cast aluminum dual-mode exhaust valves, and secondary resonators, the V10 motor has never sounded this good.

Porsche 911 Targa – Soak Up The Sun and The Sound
The Porsche 911 Targa, with its semi-convertible design, is motoring nirvana in the humid, sunny Florida climate. Of course, the lack of a solid roof also means that all sensations are amplified, including sound! The Slip-On Race System for the Targa 4/4S (997) sees a power increase of 16 horsepower and a weight reduction of just under 22 pounds. Included are four eye-catching tail pipes and an Akrapovic sound kit which means you can choose between a racier sound or one which you may prefer for routine, everyday trips.

BMW X5 M – Evolution Line Titanium System
Need to carry around a bit more than your sports car can accommodate? Akrapovic thankfully supplies performance exhaust systems for SUV models like the X5 M as well. In this case, the Evolution Line system features a muffler with dual-mode exhaust flap control to heighten the V8’s power delivery. Adding to the already sporty M-look, you can choose between 100mm tail pipes crafted in either titanium or carbon fiber.

There are many more performance exhaust systems available from Akrapovic for your specific model. As you can probably tell, a system like this adds an undeniably sportier character to your car and is an upgrade you’ll be able to feel each time you start her up!

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