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porsche tuning

At Foreign Affairs Motorwerks, performance Porsche tuning is our passion. When it comes to a specific marque, there are always things that the manufacturer does well straight out the showroom doors, and of course areas where it falls pretty much flat on its face.

Fortunately, with Porsche, there is little to fault it on; they are generally well thought out performance vehicles. We believe that there is always room for improvement, and that is where Porsche tuning comes in.

Before we jump in, let’s just clear up the aftermarket versus original equipment manufacture (OEM) parts debate. Simply put, some modifications aren’t possible using only dealer sourced parts, so if you are a purist; you need to stick to what performance packages are available from Porsche. Quite frankly, if you are only interested in fitting dealer specific parts, you shouldn’t consider performance tuning your vehicle at all. Particularly if you own an older model; it can be just as rewarding to keep it in concourse condition for others to appreciate, but I digress…

Let’s take a look at the three main categories of performance tuning:

1. Engine and Drivetrain

Porsche engines are usually well made; withstanding the pressure of having to constantly perform over long periods of time. However, a small number of models do have characteristic Achilles heels, so we recommend starting from a firm foundation. Make sure that all necessary servicing has been done and any components that need replacement have been taken care of. From there the sky is really the limit in terms of what power enhancement modifications you can perform.

The simplest would be looking at exhaust systems and air intakes, at Foreign Affairs Motorwerks, we specialize in the fitment of custom Akrapovic exhausts which not only give you significantly more power, but also make your Porsche sound fantastic. From there you dive into the engine itself by chip tuning it, changing camshafts, fueling systems or porting the cylinder head.

There is little that can be done to Porsche’s already excellent gearboxes, other than a good oil service. Making sure that your axle shaft boots, and wheel bearings are in good condition will go a long way to improving coasting speed and gas mileage.

2. Steering, Suspension, and Braking

Not all Porsches come with their top braking systems from the factory. Particularly if you own an older model, it’s a good idea to let a reputable shop go through the brakes and replace any components that are showing signs of failure. Modern disks from aftermarket companies such as Giro Disc can be significantly better than OEM.

With great power comes great responsibility, so be sure to check that your suspension and steering can handle any upgrades that you do to your Porsche’s engine. Start by checking the condition of the struts. These wear out with time, and top-quality alternatives such as Bilstein are relatively inexpensive to fit. With some newer models, the adaptive suspension struts can fail, leading to a very wonky driving experience. In this case, we recommend outright replacement. If you have a Porsche with hydraulically assisted steering, make sure that the hydraulic fluid has been serviced and make sure that the rack seals and joints have been checked. You can always upgrade the springs and joints with aftermarket solutions that are designed to take more abuse.

3. Exterior and Styling

You wouldn’t put lipstick on a pig; so conversely, don’t try to economize on styling upgrades. There isn’t much worse than a flopped paint job or incorrect air dams and spoilers. Rather consider looking at premium aftermarket wheels from companies like Carbon Revolution, or a custom paint job by a professional body shop.

Conclusion: Porsche Tuning With The Experts

As you can see, there are many different faces to tuning. The most difficult thing is to know which modifications are best suited to your vehicle, what parts to use, and how best to fit them. That is where we come in; at Foreign Affairs Motorwerks, we have been working on Porsche for over 30 years. Our ASE certified team will work with you to convert your dream into reality.

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