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Protect Your Investment With Factory Scheduled Audi Service

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Audi is a premium car brand that benefits from the best maintenance. A well-serviced Audi will guarantee ongoing performance and protects your investment value. Factory scheduled maintenance is the best way to keep your Audi in tip-top condition. Here’s why you should invest in a scheduled Audi service plan

Why Are Factory Scheduled Audi Services Important?

Audi recommends factory-scheduled maintenance plans for all their cars. This is because they know the exact maintenance needs for each of their cars. Schedules are specific to each model, with mileage and usage carefully considered. Following your car’s manufacturer’s schedule will keep it at the top of its game while saving you on ongoing repair costs. Think of it as the car investment that gets you the best return. Here are the two scheduled interval services to prioritize

“20,000-Mile Interval” Audi Service

Starting at 5,000 miles, this service will take place every 20,000 miles. It’s a minor service with several routine checks

Engine Oil Replacement

Your Audi’s synthetic engine oil and oil filter will be replaced at these service intervals. Old oil can compromise your engine’s functioning and longevity, so it’s really important to get it changed.

Wheels And Brakes

Next, your front and rear brake pads will be checked for the correct thickness. Your mechanic will also check your brake fluid level and replenish it if necessary. The tire pressure monitoring system will be reset, and your tires will be inspected and rotated.

Secondary Systems And Electronics

Here, your instrument cluster service reminder will be reset. Next, your air condenser is checked, and your headlight cleaning system is inspected. It also includes windshield wiper and fluid checks.

“40,000-Mile Interval” Audi Service

Starting at 15k miles, these major services occur every 40k miles. Service intervals include:

Road Test

Your trusted South Florida mechanic will perform this. They’ll be on the lookout for any irregular handling, such as clutch, transmission, braking, steering, and suspension issues. Be sure to entrust your car to an Audi specialist mechanic who will know what to look and listen out for.

Engine And Transmissions

Your engine will be thoroughly serviced. This includes your synthetic oil replacement, spark plug replacement, power steering fluid checks, and a full cooling system service. These aren’t all the items included in the full-engine service schedule

Various Other Component Checks

Other checks include a comprehensive wheel and brake check, a chassis inspection and a thorough electronics check. In addition to the scheduled maintenance list, feel free to ask your mechanic for some performance tuning tips

The Benefits Of Audi Factory Scheduled Services

Factory Scheduled services play a role in maintaining the value of your Audi. When it comes to selling your Audi, a ticked maintenance schedule goes a long way in upping its value. Prospective buyers will know that you’ve looked after it at every point. Buyers are more confident and happy to pay you well for your car. Scheduled maintenance also saves you money ahead of time as you’re able to prevent those unplanned repairs

Audi Service Champions In South Florida

At Foreign Affairs Motorsports, we pride ourselves on European Auto Repair. We offer full Audi service schedules, all done at our world-class facility. Our experienced mechanics in Pompano Beach are ready for all your European auto repairs. Call us at 954-746-0488 to protect your investment.

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