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Range Rover Factory Service & Maintenance at Foreign Affairs Motorwerks

A complete and thorough, step-by-step vehicle inspection on all major systems is performed by Foreign Affairs Motorwerks’ team of expertly trained Range Rover mechanics. We follow all Range Rover/Land Rover factory service requirements for each specific model and model year as indicated on the Land Rover maintenance schedules. Any repairs identified during the inspection process will be fully examined, complete with an estimation of cost. Estimates are always given before any work is performed to guarantee the best customer experience.

Below is a Range Rover Services and Intervals Guide we’ve built based on recommendations from Land Rover. Additionally, we’ll adjust our Range Rover services to your vehicle’s needs based on its specific model year, trim, and your driving style.

The services outlined below are part of a general guideline for all Land Rover and Range Rover vehicles and are for your reference only. For specific models, additional service items may be required. Furthermore, Range Rover offers various service plans based on the age of your vehicle.

15,000-Mile Interval Service

The typical 15,000-mile service for Range Rovers model year 2011 and newer includes:

  • Replacement of synthetic motor oil
  • Replacement of the crankcase oil filter
  • Replacement of the engine air filter
  • Replacement of the cabin air filter
  • Inspection of cooling systems fluid level, and topping-up of fluids if required
  • Reading all codes from the on-board diagnostic system and taking required action for each
  • Inspection of wheels and tires, with a full report on tire condition available to the customer
  • Inspection of the parking brake, and adjustment if required
  • Inspection of the lighting system
  • Windshield wiper blade inspection
  • Full inspection of the exhaust system
  • Full underbody inspection
  • Inspect power steering systems, and topping-up fluids if required
  • Inspection of front and rear brake pads for correct thickness
  • Door checks
  • Latch inspection and adjustment if required
  • Inspection of all belts
  • Reset service indicator light
  • Horn function inspection
  • Inspection and test of the key fob, replacing batteries if required

30,000-Mile Interval Service

At 30,000 miles, your Range Rover will receive a full 15,000-mile service, as well as the following:

  • Full inspection of the suspension system
  • Inspection of the wiring harness
  • Inspection of the seat belt restraint system
  • Inspection of the fuel line system
  • Replacement of the fuel filter
  • Full inspection of the driveshaft
  • Check transmission fluid levels and top-up if required
  • Inspection of brake lines and hoses
  • Flush of brake fluid
  • Replacement of brake fluid

60,000-Mile Interval Service

Similarly, to the 30,000-mile service, at 60,000 miles, your Range Rover will receive both a 15,000-Mile and 30,000-Mile interval service with the addition of:

  • Lubrication and cleaning of sunroof rails
  • Cleaning of sunroof drains
  • Replace timing belt if applicable
  • Inspect timing chain and tensioner if applicable
  • Engine mount inspection
  • Inspection of subframes
  • Battery test
  • Inspection of the Battery charging system

Range Rover Services in Pompano Beach

Please note that this is a general guide to the maintenance schedule your vehicle should keep but may vary depending on the model and specification of your vehicle. Refer to your owner’s manual for further information.

If you do not reach the mileage required for each service interval in a calendar year, we do recommend you book your Range Rover for an annual service irrespective of mileage covered. Should you use your vehicle in extreme weather conditions or for frequent towing, we recommend you decrease the intervals between your maintenance services. To schedule any of our Land or Range Rover services with an ASE certified mechanic, call (954) 746-0488, today.

Foreign Affairs Motorwerks is a full Land Rover vehicle line-up service facility – including Range Rover, Range Rover Sport, Range Rover Velar, Range Rover Evoque, and all Land Rover Vehicles. We also accept Land Rover extended warranties and service plans.

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