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Rolls-Royce Service

Rolls-Royce Service

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Factory Service & Maintenance at Foreign Affairs Motorwerks

A comprehensive, step-by-step vehicle inspection on all major systems is performed by the Foreign Affairs Motorsports team of highly trained technicians. We adhere to all factory service requirements for each specific model and model year as indicated by Rolls-Royce Recommended Maintenance Schedule. Any repairs identified by the inspection process will be fully root-caused with a cost estimation provided beforehand to ensure the highest customer satisfaction. Keep in mind the information below is only a guideline for most common Rolls-Royce models. Some models may require slightly different or further service items depending on the equipment installed.

Rolls-Royce 6000-Mile Service Schedule

The following items need to be checked on the vehicle at the 6, 000-mile mark:

Engine and Transmission

Air filter element Cleaned and checked
Belts Belt tension checked on the fan, steering pump, generator and refrigerant compressor
Oil changes Clean air valve dampers, change or refill engine and gearbox oil. Replace the oil filter element.
Cooling system Cooling system is checked and coolant levels are topped up
Propeller shaft Check ball and trunnion joint rubbers cover is secure and in a healthy condition. Bolts should be tightened.
Refrigeration condenser matrix Cleaned of any foreign matter
Spark plugs Cleaned and gaps to be reset
Control linkages Lubricate gear range, selector controls, and accelerator linkages
Carburetors Clean air valve dampers, refill with engine oil and check slow running speed
Gearbox Heater controls checked

Wheels and Tires

The wheels and tires will be balanced and aligned. Tire pressure will be checked, including the spare wheel. The tread depth and the overall condition of the tires will be assessed and should there be any defects the owner will be notified.

Brakes Rear brake adjustment checked and corrected. Brake drums to be removed and linings inspected. Replaced if necessary.
Brake linkages Lubricate linkage clevis, and the fulcrum pins of pull rods and intermediate levers.
Steering pump Fluid levels checked in the steering pump reservoir and topped up
Servo Adjust the servo


Battery Electrolyte levels checked, and filled with water if necessary. Battery terminals tightness checked, cleaned and coated.
Electrical system Instruments, lamps, and direction signals checked and rectified where necessary
Ignition Contact breaker points and gaps checked and reset if necessary. Ignition timing is checked. Lubricate distributor shaft, bearings, governor spindle, and lubrication pads

Rolls-Royce 12,000 Mile Service Schedule

The following items need to be checked on the vehicle at the 12,000-mile mark:

Engine and Transmission

Air filter Renew air filter element
Carburetors Clean filter gauze in the carburetor float chamber lids
Fuel pump Clean electrical contact points and filter gauze. Test operation of each fuel pump.
Mainline fuel filter Clean out the main filter line and the filter bowl
Propeller shaft Lubricate universal joints and sliding joints
Recirculatory heater Clean the heater filter


Spark plugs Replace spark plugs and reset the gaps


Brake master cylinder Lubricate the grease nipple on the master cylinder balance lever pilot
Front suspension Lubricate the grease nipples on the front suspension
Rear-axle Check oil levels and replace if necessary
Shock dampers Check front and rear shock dampers for oil leakages and top up if need be
Steering mechanism Lubricate grease nipples on the steering mechanism

Rolls-Royce 24,000 Mile Service Schedule

The following items need to be checked on the vehicle at the 24,000-mile mark:

Engine and Transmission

Engine breather system Remove and clean gauze flame traps in the crankcase breather tube (if the vehicle has enclosed crankcase breather system)
Fuel pump If the fuel pump is fitted with an additional condenser, replace the contact points
Fuel tank Release the drain plug and drain any build-up of water
Gearbox Drain the gearbox and fill with required fluid
Generator Ensure the communicator and brushes are operating smoothly
Propeller shaft Lubricate the propeller shaft, universal joints, and sliding joints


Power-assisted steering pump Replace the filter element in the reservoir
Rear-axle Change oil
Steering transfer box Check oil levels and refill where necessary

After 60,000 miles it is recommended that the brake hoses, wheel cylinder seals and the brake master cylinder seals are replaced. Dust and water seals should be replaced if necessary. At this stage, the brake fluid should be completely drained from the hydraulic systems and the reservoirs should be cleaned and refilled.

Foreign Affairs Motorsports is a full Rolls-Royce vehicle line-up service facility – including pre-war cars, post-war cars such as Silver Cloud l; Silver Cloud ll and lll; Phantoms; Silver Shadow; Hyperion; Silver Spur; Cullinan; Ghost; Wraith; Dawn; and Black Badge.

We also accept Rolls-Royce extended warranties and service plans.

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