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Parkland First Class Auto Repair Services

Parkland is a booming community located a mere 40 miles north of Miami, which offers its residents all the convenience of living in a big city but all the beauty and natural spaces you’d expect to exist only in the suburbs. While its beautiful parks encourage residents to walk and cycle, being Florida, its car community is stronger than anywhere, and supporting this community are some of the best auto repair centers in Broward County.

audi service

Parkland Audi Service

One of the core brands of the Volkswagen Auto Group (commonly referred to as VAG), Audi’s trademark all-wheel drive system has made them a firm favorite amongst the Euro performance and tuning scene. We’ve been working on S and RS models since the sub-brands inception in 1983, and we can confidently say we’ve seen every performance of Audi and have repaired every issue that comes with it.

From routine service to modifications and full race builds, there’s nobody better to work on your Audi than our Audi Specialists.

bentley service

Parkland Bentley Service

Volkswagen’s answer to Rolls-Royce and Maybach is Bentley. At the pinnacle of luxury, Bentley has effortlessly managed to combine the comfort and indulgence you’ve come to expect with the performance that made them famous. Bentley prides itself in pushing the envelope, constantly striving to be at the cutting edge when it comes to engineering and technology. All this comes at a cost, as Bentley packages a lot into every car, which can be overwhelming for the inexperienced.

Our Parkland auto repair shop has a suite of diagnostic tools and specialty equipment that will ensure every issue your Bentley could produce is correctly rectified.


Parkland BMW Service

Sheer Driving Pleasure. The Ultimate Driving Machine. These are just two of the slogans BMW has used over the years. While other manufacturers chase better technology, BMW has taken pride in ensuring that its priority remains to produce vehicles that are exhilarating to drive. While not perfect, and any BMW owner will tell you, the issues that arise from owning a BMW are far outweighed by the way they make you feel.

We understand what your BMW means to you, and we will extend that same care when maintaining your vehicle. Add a few choice modifications by our authorized dealer brands, Dinan and Cobb Tuning, and we will ensure your BMW keeps you on the edge of your seat for years to come.


Parkland Ferrari Service

There are few brands as synonymous with racing as Ferrari. Ferrari staked their claim in the motorsport world by building engines that won races, then taking those same engines and putting them in road cars. This is why Ferrari engines tend to be higher-strung than most. A Ferrari Engine’s natural habitat is the high RPM range, and reliably living in this range requires a lot of maintenance and specialist know-how.

Our ASE-certified technicians have received all the required training from Ferrari America to make sure your prancing horse continues to dominate at every derby.


Parkland Lamborghini Service

The Raging Bull. The Yang to Ferrari’s Yin. Lamborghini and Ferrari have a rich history, constantly pushing one another to improve. Since 1998, Lamborghini has been combining their classic Italian flair with brutal German Engineering to great effect. Just one of the many high-performance divisions at VAG, Lamborghini shares many of the good and bad, as their brethren at Bentley and Audi.

That being said, many of the performance upgrades from brands like Racechip or APR can be carried over to Lamborghini, giving raging bull owners modification, repair options, and parts availability that few exotic brands can match.


Parkland Maserati Service

Maserati might not have the same cult following as its sister brand, Ferrari, but that doesn’t stop them from creating the quintessential Italian performance car experience. Maserati now forms part of the Stelllantis Group, alongside high-performance legends MOPAR, Alfa Romeo, and DS-Automobiles.

Our experience working with both Euro-performance cars and American muscle has put us in a unique position to offer the best maintenance packages for this new generation of Maserati and Stellantis.


Parkland Porsche Service

At Foreign Affairs Motorwerks, we owe a lot to Porsche. When we first opened our doors, we built our reputation and name on being one of the few shops around that could take the already excellent 911 to a whole new level. We have seen every iteration of Porsche’s flat-6: developed, broken, fixed, and improved every component in the pursuit of horsepower. When it comes to a 911, nobody is more familiar and more suited to work on your Porsche, than Foreign Affairs Motorwerks.

So the question is simple: why take your Porsche anywhere else when you can take it to the best Parkland auto repair center?


Parkland Mercedes-Benz Service

Mercedes-Benz and Mercedes-AMG are at the pinnacle of what a modern performance car should be. Effortlessly combining luxury and performance while pushing development forward on all fronts, it’s easy to see why Mercedes is consistently one of the best-selling European brands in the US.

Unfortunately, pushing development comes at a cost. AMG is famous for taking fully-fledged race engines and dropping them into unsuspecting sedans. While these engines are a thrill to drive, they often require a race-engineer to keep them running. As South Florida’s premier race facility, we can ensure that our AMG is getting race-level service every time we see it.


Parkland Range Rover Service

Range Rover is the original go-everywhere luxury SUV. While more and more manufacturers are trying to catch up with their own luxury SUVs, Range Rover continues to improve the recipe they created years ago. The recipe isn’t perfect, though, and Range Rovers are let down by their shoddy track record regarding reliability.

Recalls, subpar gaskets and hoses, and rust issues plague the brand. What makes it worse is that the systems are all so intertwined. Successfully diagnosing a Range Rover requires a lot of patience and experience. Fear not. Our suite of diagnostic tools and years of experience will ensure your Range Rover is repaired and maintained beyond factory expectations.


Parkland Rolls-Royce Service

You can’t talk about luxury automobiles without talking about Rolls Royce. While Rolls Royce is the gold standard for luxury, your Phantom shares many of its parts with the BMW 7 Series, which makes it susceptible to the same service items and faults like iDrive gremlins and failed VANOS solenoids.

As a BMW service center, we are equally equipped to tackle all major and minor repairs and service items your Rolls Royce might need.

Auto Repair

Parkland Auto Repair Center

Located just east of Parkland in Pompano Beach, you’ll find Foreign Affairs Motorwerks. Established in 1978, Foreign Affairs Motorwerks has been South Florida’s premier auto repair, race, and performance facility, faithfully serving residents of Pompano Beach, Parkland, Tamarac, and the rest of Coral Springs, offering a one-stop facility for all your automotive needs, no matter where your vehicle was manufactured For all inquiries or to book your vehicle, please contact us today at (954) 746-0488.

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