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Show Off Your Car’s Power With Track Racing

Track Racing

We aren’t all Mario Andretti. We don’t all have the funding of Lotus and Colin Chapman behind us. That doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t hit the track and burn rubber from time to time. Put your pedal to the metal at a track racing event and show off your car’s power.

In today’s world where The Law is benefiting as much, if not more from the same technological improvements that give your car the performance edge, it is becoming increasingly difficult to enjoy the simple pleasure of opening the throttle and having a blast on the street.

If you love racing or just love cars in general, you should look into track racing, if you haven’t already. I can already hear you thinking in terms of dollar signs, but track racing can be surprisingly affordable if you do it right. Here is a shortlist of some things you should consider:

A Track Car

It is quite important to either have or make an investment into a track car.

There are a few main reasons for this. Technically you could use your daily driver, but would you really want to make some modifications that hurt your gas mileage? Also, how do you feel about turning up at work with a ride complete with spoilers, air dams, and performance wheels? Do you really want to change your tires every time you go from the track to the street?

I think you are beginning to see my argument. You don’t need to buy the latest model out of the box for a track car. For a first car, we advocate looking at second-hand cars from the performance cars like Ferrari, McLaren, or Porsche. The car you choose really depends on your personal driving style and what modifications you’d like to perform in the future and is the scope of another article.

Track Transportation

Getting your car to and from a track event isn’t really as simple as it sounds.

Race cars are often delicate and can be easily damaged if not entrusted to the experts to transport them. There are certain checks that need to be done before the vehicle is transported, such as the removal of hazardous fluids (gas and oil) and any pre-track tune-ups. It really isn’t worth the outlay to have your own transportation team unless you are going into racing professionally.

Much better to let an experienced team like the Foreign Affairs Motorsport Track Team handle it.

Track Services

There is a lot going on behind the scenes of a successful track day.

Before the race car gets to the track many checks need to be done. Tires need to be changed to the correct type. The motor has to be tuned and made sure it is running optimally.

At the track, fueling with performance gas has to be done, as well as an oil change. During the race, the pit crew needs to constantly monitor things like brake wear and vital motor indicators like oil pressure, temperature, boost, and alternator voltage. This is where the time that has been put in before the track day pays off in a reliable and successful race.

Track Services & Transportation In Pompano Beach

As you can see, there is much more to a track event then meets the eye. At Foreign Affairs Motorsport we love to participate with our clients to make their track experience seamless. We regard the time pressure, cutting-edge modifications, and logistical support as a true test of our hard-won experience and skills.

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