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20th Sep

Power Steering Maintenance 101

Almost every modern car is now equipped with some variant of hydraulic power steering, and if it fails, you’ll almost immediately notice your car’s steering get…

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17th Sep

What To Do About A Cracked Engine Block

One of the scariest things a car owner can experience is having a cracked engine block. While in some circumstances you can still drive the…

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13th Sep

Avoid Blown Hoses With Wear And Tear Repair

Neglecting your vehicle’s cooling system can cause serious damage to your engine. Radiator hoses play a vital role in your car’s cooling system by securing…

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9th Sep

Let’s Talk About Race Chip – Does Chip Tuning Work?

Software tuning is a hot topic in the performance automotive scene. There are largely two schools of thought about it. Some are opposed to modifying…

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6th Sep

Signs That Your Car Needs A New Distributor

Before we have a look at what could go wrong with your car’s ignition system, we need to understand it a little better. The first…

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