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16th Oct

BMW Performance Shop Exhaust Systems

There is nothing like the satisfaction from the deep rumbling or high-speed growling of your BMW performance exhaust. While this head-turning sound is more than…

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12th Oct

Porsche Repair Shop Discusses Small Repairs That Go a Long Way

If your Porsche is starting to show signs of age, or is feeling less powerful than what you are used to, taking the time to…

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9th Oct

Performance Shop Guide To Tires

Until we reinvent the wheel, we as motorists are stuck with tires. But tires don’t have to be a boring obligatory addition to your automobile….

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5th Oct

The Importance of Wheel Alignment

As motorists, we usually want the best for our cars and for our cars to perform at their best. We therefore spend a lot of…

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28th Sep

Performance Shop Talk On Carbon Fiber Rims

Kinetic energy is often referred to as the well-known relationship between mass, the square of velocity and a constant. From here it is immediately apparent…

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