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Start Off The New Year Right With Performance Tuning

performance tuning

Looking to start the new year off right? Has driving become mundane and predictable? Performance tuning can open up a new world of driving adventure. Perhaps it’s time for a turbo, a performance exhaust system, or some flashy bodywork? Performance tuning gives you extra power, extra road cred, and extra thrill. Turn over a new leaf in the new year by exploring these exciting performance tuning upgrades

Rocket Ahead With A RaceChip

Performance chips are a sure way to increase your car’s performance. A RaceChip optimizes your engine’s performance by adapting it to your driving situation. It will improve acceleration and boost your lower-end torque. But the cherry on top is significantly improved fuel consumption. Who doesn’t want better performance while paying less at the pumps? Consider a RaceChip tuning box to boost your car’s power by up to 30%

Fancy A Turbo Upgrade?

Turbochargers and superchargers add considerable power output to your engine. A turbo works by using the heat generated by your exhaust gases to turn a turbine. This, in turn, drives a compressor that pushes air back into your engine. And this leads to more power. Supers, on the other hand, are driven by your engine. A Supercharger uses a belt to compress air into the engine. Why not consider an AMS Performance turbocharger? Your trusted mechanic will be able to advise you more on the AMS range

Air Intakes And Edgy Exhausts

Airflow efficiency plays a big role when it comes to performance. Custom air intakes re-route incoming air to optimize the airflow rate. The key is to utilize cold for better performance, as it’s denser. By re-routing the incoming air outside the engine chamber, cooler air can be sucked into the engine

Performance exhausts are a fun way to turn heads and increase performance by up to 10%. There are a variety of options, including silencers, tailpipes, and catalytic converters. A smaller performance silencer will add to your performance numbers while also giving your car an intimidating purr. Custom tailpipes do a lot to finish off the rear of your car. You can’t go wrong with a performance exhaust kit

Wheel Weight Loss

Let’s talk about weight loss for this new year. Weight loss is many a person’s new resolution. But what about weight loss for your car? The biggest upside of a performance wheelset is its weight reduction. And shedding weight leads to more edgy performance. Remember that lightness doesn’t compromise strength. A performance wheelset will provide durability and strength on the road. Lighter wheels improve handling and help to increase acceleration. Speak to a reputable South Florida wheel expert. They will be able to advise you on the best wheels and suspension setup to go for

Body Styling

Fancy a more toned and defined body this year? It can be easier said than done. The good news is that your car can undergo body styling mods in a matter of hours! A body kit can change the look of your car. Bring on sporty and edgy looks. And they’re not just good to look at. They can also decrease your car’s weight. This, in turn will help to increase performance. Why not try a carbon fiber body kit? A body kit is a sure way to change the look of your car this year completely

South Florida Performance Tuning Experts

Foreign Affairs Motorwerks offer a comprehensive list of automotive performance and styling upgrades. From a Porsche PDK clutch to BMW performance packages, Foreign Affairs is your performance specialist. We’ve been performance tuning for over 30 years in South Florida. Our technicians work with trusted performance brands to give you noticeable performance improvements. Call us today at (954) 746-0488.

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