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Track Your Car With Our Full Car Track Support

full car track support

One of the most exciting experiences you can have with your car is taking it to a racetrack and pushing the car and yourself to the absolute limit. Unfortunately, without the proper assistance, it can be difficult to get started and frequently attend track days. Luckily for you, Foreign Affairs Motorwerks offers full track support services for every skill level from amateur track days all the way to professional race events.

Track Support Services We Offer

Track support services are more than just trackside repairs and maintenance, it’s about cultivating an experience. Preparations for a track day start days in advance and are only completed a few days after the track day. While we offer unique packages to suit everybody’s needs, these are some of the services that set us apart.

Professional Coaching and Data Handling

Not having any racing experience shouldn’t stop you from experiencing the thrill of tracking a car. In either your own car or one of our track rentals, we have experienced racers who will accompany you around the track, offering you all the advice you need from breaking zones, racing techniques, and track etiquette.

For more experienced racers, we offer a full range of data handling systems, such as timers, cameras, and g-force meters. All-important metrics to help you improve in competitive races and casual track days.

Arrive and Drive

Don’t have a car you can take to the track yet? Why not take advantage of our Arrive and Drive program? With Arrive and Drive, all you need to do is arrive at a track Foreign Affairs Motorwerks is attending, and after some formalities, you’ll be on your way to becoming a racer behind the wheel of one of our rental track cars. You drive, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Car Storage and Track Transport Programs

While we are all for putting a set of semi-slicks on your daily driven BMW M4 and experiencing everything it has to offer on a race track, we also understand that not every track car is road legal, and not everybody who owns a track car has the means to store it at home and haul it to and from the track.

That’s why we offer both car storage and track transport programs. With our car storage program, your vehicle will be stored in our 8,500 sq/ft facility alongside other track machines from Porsche, BMW, Radical, Lola, Lamborghini, Ferrari, and others. Depending on your needs, your vehicle can be set on a battery tender, have regular start-ups, and have the tires frequently rotated.

With our track transport programs, all you need is to call our team and let them know where and when you need your vehicle, and we will make sure your car is waiting for you once you arrive, and then return the car to our storage facility once your track day is over.


The one thing a lot of new drivers don’t realize is that at any track event, there is a lot of time when you won’t be on track, whether you’re waiting for your series race to start, a repair to be completed, or while a fellow driver’s misfortune is being cleared from the track, nobody wants to sit in their car with hot drinks and no food.

With our hospitality packages, you will gain access to the Foreign Affairs Motorwerks trackside garage, where we will provide everything you need while you aren’t racing. Get to know your fellow drivers, talk shop, grab something to eat and drink, or receive medical assistance (we see a lot of dehydrated first-timers in need of help), and make the most of your track day both on, and off the track.

Pre-Race Preparation Services

A lot goes into getting a race car ready. There are fitting new tires to every set of wheels that are accompanying the car, all those wheels need to be balanced, the car itself needs to have a wheel alignment done, safety equipment needs to be inspected and replaced, engine and transmission maintenance needs to be completed, some cars even need their aero adjusted to suit different tracks, and every car needs to pass its technical inspection.

Getting all this done can feel overwhelming, and nobody wants to arrive at a track just to find out they can’t race because they’ve overlooked something that has caused their car to fail tech inspection. We take the risk out of technical inspections and make sure every car we prepare is ready for a full day on the track.

Post-Race Services

If one thing is true about all manner of racing, is that racing is hard on a car and sometimes things break. Before your vehicle is returned to storage, we can offer a series of services to prepare your car for the next race. These services include removing rubber and other track debris from your body panels, refreshing your paint, and repairing any body damage. We can also inspect all your tires and consumables (like engine oil), prepare usable tires for storage, and inform you of any replacements you might need.

If the racing bug has bitten you, our performance sales team can build an upgrade package to help you shave more time off of your personal best, from tuning and bolt-on upgrades, all the way to full engine conversions and chassis upgrades. The only limit to what we can do to your track car is how far you want us to take it!

Race Preparation Facility In Pompano Beach

Foreign Affairs Motorwerks is South Florida’s go-to race and track preparation facility. While we attend several professional events, you can get the Team Foreign Affairs Motorwerks experience at the following club events.

Stop making excuses for not living your dream and tracking your car, contact us at (954) 746-0488 to find out the next event we’ll be attending and how we can help you get ready to join the exciting worlds of track racing.

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