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Auto Repair Tune-ups in Pompano Beach

Foreign Affairs Motorwerks offers a full range of tune-ups for European-engineered vehicles. Our tune-up service provides a full range of basic routine maintenance services. Not only will these extend the life of your vehicle, but they’ll also enhance your vehicle’s performance.

Ignition, Plugs, And Wires

Your ignition consists of several components. These include spark plugs, spark plug wires, the distributor cap, and the rotor. All these components need servicing and, if necessary, replacement. Spark plugs need to be replaced routinely as these can affect your car’s ignition performance along with ignition wires that can also deteriorate with time. The Foreign Affairs team will conduct a full ignition tune-up on your vehicle.

New Engine Filters

Your engine relies on various filters to perform. Tune-ups at Foreign Affairs include fuel, oil, and air filter checks. Oil and fuel filters remove any deposits or debris that may be present, allowing pure oil and fuel to enter your engine cavity. Over time, these filters get dirty and aren’t as effective. Air filters protect your engine from pollutants and dirt found in the air. Finally, your cabin air filter will also be checked to ensure that you’re breathing in the freshest air. All filter replacements should form part of a routine auto maintenance plan.

Belt And Hose Tune-Up

Belts play an important role in transferring power from your engine to your wheels. The two main belts to check are the serpentine and the timing belt. Your serpentine belt is located on the outside of your engine block. This belt transfers power to several components of your car. Your timing belt is also important to check. It keeps the camshaft connected to its teeth. When this belt goes, your car will be dead weight. The Foreign Affairs Motorwerks team will check both these belts.

Hoses transfer important fluids through your engine. A comprehensive auto tune-up will include a coolant hose, heater hose, power steering hose, brake hose, and fuel hose check.

Fluid Check

Fluids perform several important roles. Engine oil and coolant oil are two important fluids to check. These keep your engine running smoothly and at the correct temperature. Over time, engine oil deteriorates and needs to be replaced. Our experienced mechanical team will check the condition of your oil and replace it if necessary. Other fluids to check include transmission fluid and power steering fluid.

Not sure which fluids to check when? Investing in a scheduled maintenance plan is the best way to ensure that your fluid levels are always correct.

Computer Diagnostics

Many of the later model cars require specialized equipment to identify performance insights. Foreign Affairs Motorwerks have the latest diagnostic equipment. We’ll check your settings and re-calibrate anything that’s out of the recommended range.

Advanced Engine Repairs 

When a car is booked in for a tune-up, sometimes more complex engine issues are identified. Noisy engines, head gasket faults, and engine mounting issues are some examples of underlying engine issues. High oil consumption is also a warning sign to look deeper. Foreign Affairs Motorwerks are qualified to perform advanced engine diagnostics and repairs.

The Auto Tune-Up Techs In Pompano Beach

Foreign Affairs Motorwerks offers a full range of auto tune-up services. If you’re worried about your auto tune-up being overdue, why not invest in a scheduled maintenance plan? Our tailor-made plans will ensure that you never miss a tune-up again. Call us at (954) 746-0488 to book your car for a tune-up today.

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