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General Car Info and Tips

27th Sep

A Guide To Wheel Bearings

You’ve taken your car to your local mechanic and he has informed you that you need new wheel bearings. You may think your mechanic is…

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9th Aug

The Different Types of Automatic Transmissions

In June, we took a look at maintaining automatic versus the traditional stick shift transmission systems. Besides talking about the major differences between the two…

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19th Jul

Car Service Sensors 101

Today’s vehicles are more comparable to your smartphone in terms of technology than good old-fashioned mechanical engineering. Smartphones thrive on data – they collect information…

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5th Jul

Vehicle Customization – Ramp Up Your Audio

Nothing beats the sound of a well-tuned engine dancing through the rev range, but your car’s engine shouldn’t be the only thing you hear when…

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25th Jun

Pistons & Rings 101

When servicing, modifying, or rebuilding an engine, it’s important to know the purpose of each component. Some of the most frequent questions we are asked…

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