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22nd Mar

10 Benefits of Regular Vehicle Maintenance

Here’s a true statement: Maintaining your vehicle will save you money. Thinking that you’re saving money by putting off a car service is a big…

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17th Mar

Our Favorite Luxury Electric Vehicles

The world is changing rapidly. Now that we are coming out of the worst of the pandemic, we expect a bit of an industry renaissance….

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15th Mar

A Simple Guide For Basic Hybrid Vehicle Service

With the ever-increasing price of fuel, hybrid and electric vehicles are now more popular than ever. The pure electric market is still finding its feet,…

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10th Mar

Avoiding Potholes Helps Avoid Alignment Issues

Takes the smooth with the rough, Land Rover famously used to say. Given the deterioration of roads in Florida due to the heavy traffic that…

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2nd Mar

A Brake Service Is A Must For All Drivers To Remember

Is it a cricket? Is it a mouse? Is it a bat? Nope on all three counts. It’s your brakes! The most annoying sound to…

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22nd Feb

Pinpointing A Power Steering Fluid Leak

Ahh, yes, a power steering fluid leak. Nothing irritates a petrol head more than when your pride and joy develops minor incontinence. (Unless you are…

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17th Feb

What Motor Oil Do Mechanics Recommend?

An experienced mechanic will have a good understanding of motor oils. More importantly, they know which motor oil is right for your vehicle. Get your…

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15th Feb

The Most Common Porsche Problems

Lovely bit of alliteration. Porsche and problems. As sports cars go, Porsche doesn’t have the strongest track record for reliability. Weirdly enough the statisticians cannot…

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10th Feb

10 of the Most Overlooked Auto Maintenance Checks

When you’re cruising down East Atlantic Boulevard, you’re loving life. With the top down, the fresh sea breeze in your hair, nothing can get you…

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8th Feb

Can I Get My Mercedes Service Done Anywhere?

A Mercedes-Benz is not your average run-of-the-mill car. Plush carpeting, superior styling, LED mood lighting, and natural wood trim. It’s no wonder that driving a…

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