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23rd Jul

Wear And Tear Repair – Do I Need New Brake Rotors

A brake rotor probably isn’t something that you think about much. In fact, some of you may not know what a brake rotor is. To…

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19th Jul

Car Service Sensors 101

Today’s vehicles are more comparable to your smartphone in terms of technology than good old-fashioned mechanical engineering. Smartphones thrive on data – they collect information…

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16th Jul

Increase Vehicle Performance With A Stroker

At Foreign Affairs Motorsport we are all about taking your car beyond your wildest dreams when it comes to vehicle performance. There are many ways…

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12th Jul

A Guide To Safety Fuel Cells For Racing

First developed in the 1960’s, safety fuel cells have added an important safety element on the racetrack ever since. You may be wondering what safety…

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9th Jul

A Guide To Mufflers And Performance

When people think about mufflers and their purpose, the general consensus is that their function on your car is to make your engine noise quieter….

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