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Although the Varela family and crew have assisted me in getting the most out of my vehicles this is the first review I have written.
Guess so many glowing reviews already existed.
Never really gave it a second thought. Perhaps they r my best kept secret. Not a financially plausible rationale …certainly not for them!
Obviously they have many clients pleased with
their professionalism, attention to detail, and drive to provide each customer with a one on one experience in a build, upgrade, or just
ones need to achieve perfection in reaching that
car guy/girl nirvana we all dream about . U all know what I mean.
Having someone see eye to eye with u on that dream build….and to truly see how excited they r to share that with u.
Nothing better.
They will keep u up to date on your orders , expenses, and give u a truly valuable opinion
on choices best suited for your goal and budget.
Always impressed guys.

Kip Winston

These guys know what they are doing. Truly professional service for the finest vehicles.

Mr B

Foreign Affairs was fantastic
They did a PPI on a 997 911 I was looking and knew immediately what to look for
I worked with Bobby one of their master technicians and he was very thorough and patient in going through every detail of the car and answering all my questions
I didn’t up buying the car after the inspection and am very glad They gave me such good information from which to base my decision
Highly recommended

Oliver Jones

Simply the best there is. Honest, Dependable, Porsche craftsmen at their finest. I had a noise in the my rear end of my 911 C4S. Braman said trailing arms $700 – $1500, a well known Porsche shop in Coral Springs, its the strut mounts, $500 – $1000, Foreign Affairs Motorsports, Fixed free of charge during a full point inspection. Loose sway bar. These guys are my Ambassadors of Porsche QUAN. See what a little honesty and integrity buys you, loyalty! They own me for life now. Thanks Bob, sons, and your team! Taking my BMW to them next!

Jay Morris

After a year of nobody being able to identify a noise stemming from my Akropovich exhaust, Jared and team came to the rescue!

I really appreciate their knowledge and quality of service. It really makes a difference when your shop and mechanics truly know and understand the cars they are working on (2013 M5)!

Dennis Eisen

I moved from another state about a year and a half ago, and my 2003 BMW 540i was beginning to feel its age and show some issues. I started to consider selling it because I just wasn’t as happy with it as I once was a few years ago. Being new to the area, I didn’t know any of the good independent shops around me, and was searching for a place that I could trust to get my car back in shape again. I refused to pay dealer prices and labor rates for my 10+ year old car. I had a number of Dinan upgrades done to my car as well by a previous shop in my home state, so I started down the road of looking for Dinan authorized dealers near me. Low and behold, I found FAM. I spoke over the phone with the father (Bob) of this family run business for about 15-20 minutes explaining my cars issues, and set me up with a time to bring the car by to be checked out. His sons all were very enthusiastic about cars and spoke with me while I waited to get the car checked out. The entire team there provided me with the best and warmest customer service I have ever experienced at a business, let alone an auto repair shop. The techs diagnosed my car, showed me everything I had going on, and Bob gave me a very fair and satisfactory price. While I waited, I was entertained by the arrival of a classic World Challenge race car, Steve Dinan’s very own turbo E34 540i that the shop just took in. This surprised and impressed me even more than I could have imagined. I even purchased another Dinan upgrade through them since I was so satisfied with my experience there. In the end, they were able to get me to fall in love with my BMW again, and I most definitely will be a repeat customer of theirs.

Manny G

I became the proud owner of a Porsche about a year and a half ago. My 996 Cab was a ton of fun but that IMS thing kept ticking in my head. I did a little research and decided on the course to take to solve the problem- LN Engineering. Called them and asked for a recommendation as to an installer in South Florida. Answer was Foreign Affairs Motorsports. Called and talked to Bob- the Patriarch. Dropped off car for a four day visit and got to meet everyone and look shop over. I felt like I had known these guys all my life. Bob called during install and suggested a clutch and some other items since he was in the engine. Did everything he suggested- got a good report card on car. Since then, back for service once, and just now a new audio system. Could not be happier with the service, prices, and the absolute integrity of this crowd. I have recommended FAM to all of my friends who own Porsches and they agree wholeheartedly. Could be called Family Affairs as the sons Bobby and Jarred are cut
from same mold as Dad. Try them- you will keep going back. This is what auto service should be.

Thomas Tucker

Excellent Service J! In and out in less than an hour. Keep it up!!!

Sean Seedial

Long Review – But you NEED to read this . . .

I am a long time BMW owner over the past 16 years. I typically maintain my cars well, and drive them up to +/- 250K miles as I travel a lot for work. Early in 2015, I had a critical engine failure on my 645ci. I figured the best place to bring my car was to the Vista BMW Dealership in Pompano Bch. My thought being that it would be the most appropriate location to diagnose the cause in order to provide accurate details to my warranty service. Who best to diagnose and act as my advocate than the BMW dealership? I could not have been more mistaken.

What ensued was six months of the WORST communication, tail-chasing, and aggravation I have ever experienced in my life. The level of service and attention I received from my service representative at Vista was disgraceful. I have 26 pages of email correspondence, where days and weeks would go with no response, phone calls not being returned and no progress being made. In addition, I paid a visit to VISTA BMW in person to find my partially disassembled car parked outside in the elements, and all the removed parts piled in a heap on the floor amidst leaves and cigarette butts.

After reaching the point of no return with frustration, I finally found Foreign Affairs Motorsports. Wow, what a difference. This is a family run operation with years of experience and the BEST customer service. Their shop is immaculate. It’s not uncommon to see an array of Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, Lamborghini and other exotics on premises. Under the watchful eye of Bob Varela (father) the entire team took such wonderful care of me. And I am in the service industry, working with high profile clients in the Wyndham Hotel Group and have worked with Hilton and Four Seasons, so I know a thing or two about what good customer service looks like. Foreign Affairs Motorsports conducts themselves in a manner consistent with these leading hotel brands. Bobby Varela (son) was in constant communication with me and I never felt rushed. I had their full attention and care. Nick (Mechanic) was the sole person working on my vehicle throughout the entire engine rebuild and his workmanship was meticulous. Jared Varela (son) was actually the first person with whom I had contact here, and he spent over 30 minutes on the phone with me helping to understand my issue and offering advice . . . and that was even before I had decided to bring my car to their facility.

Their labor rates are less than you will pay at the dealership and they are fanatical about caring for the cars and customers under their care. I have the opportunity in my profession to stand in front of hundreds of hotel franchisees throughout the year and one of the topics is often customer care. In my seminars, I now use Vista BMW as the most egregious, tragic and apathetic example of appalling customer care and I use the team at Foreign Affairs Motorsports as the gold standard of outstanding customer service. If you are looking for a facility to call ‘home’ for all your BMW repairs, FAM IS THE PLACE. Don’t question yourself. Don’t bother looking elsewhere. And DO NOT, unless you want to be subject to the misery I went through, even consider going to VISTA BMW. You have been cautioned. Look at the other reviews on here for FAM, they are AWESOME. Look at the reviews on Google for Vista BMW, they have TWO reviews. Yes, the nations largest BMW Dealership has only two reviews on Google. Nothing to hide at FAM. Their reputation speaks for itself. And I am confident your experience here will be the same. These guys have been in business for years, have fanatically loyal clients, and they operate their own race team. I only wish I had discovered FAM years ago. Moving forward I will never entrust my vehicle to anyone else. Give them a call, take your car to their facility, you will be back here again soon to post your own positive review. FAM, I love you guys, keep up the great work, and THANK YOU for everything. – Mark

Mark O'Shaughnessy

Foreign Affairs is the only shop I trust to work on my E36 M3 (Track Car), E90 M3 and Cayman S. Just one visit to see their facility and the type of cars that they work on, on a daily basis and you’ll be sold. Been using them for 7+ years now.

Petro Ploumis

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