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4th Jan

Auto Maintenance: Your Car’s New Year’s Resolutions

Having survived the COVID hangover that was 2021, we find ourselves looking towards the new dawn of 2022. J.B. Priestley famously said, ‘I have always…

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13th Oct

Say “Yes” To A Regular Auto Maintenance Schedule

Auto maintenance is a hot topic for us at Foreign Affairs Motorwerks. Cars are very much like people. You get all shapes and sizes, personalities,…

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29th Sep

Vehicle Maintenance: Choosing the Right Oil

High-performance cars require specialized engine oil. Specific engine oils are designed for different types of cars, as well as contrasting climates. The right oil will…

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26th Aug

A Comprehensive Auto Maintenance Guide

A car is so much more than just a mode of transport. It very quickly becomes a part of the family. It’s been a part…

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17th Aug

When Was Your Last Oil Change?

Clean oil improves your car’s performance. It also increases your gas consumption and extends your engine life. If oil is so important, then why do…

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22nd Jun

Do I Need A Wheel Alignment Or A Front-End Alignment?

Do you ever feel as though your vehicle is veering to the left or to the right? This could be a tell-tale sign of poor…

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19th Apr

Auto Maintenance Tips For Your Transmission

Most people think that the most important part of your car is the engine, but without a healthy transmission, a strong engine can’t put all…

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7th Apr

A Blast From The Past – Air-cooled Porsche Maintenance

When it comes to history, Porsche have had their fair share of hard knocks and lucky breaks. Whether a hater or fanatic, both agree that…

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12th Jan

Servicing Your Tires Should Be Part Of Your Auto Maintenance

Your car’s tires play a more important role than you may think. From every minute that you’re driving, your tires are what connect the mechanics…

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5th Jan

Exotic Car Maintenance Tips

Owning an exotic car is an exhilarating experience. For many, driving an exotic car is the fulfillment of a childhood dream, which keeps on dishing…

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