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The Importance Of Regular Maintenance For Exotic Cars

exotic car repair

Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini, Bentley, and McLaren. These are just a handful of brands behind our favorite exotic carsThe luxury cars that we dream of, obsess over, and dedicate our lives to. These exotics are special not only because of the absolute engineering marvels they are. Being such marvels of machinery makes their regular maintenance schedules that much more important.

Exotic Cars Have More Parts

Exotic vehicles tend to have more parts than other types of cars. That means more cylinders that need more pistons and connecting rods, more valves, multiple turbos, multiple clutches, more injectors, and even more spark plugs.

With all this extra car under the hood, it should go without saying that there is more that can go wrong. Exotic luxury vehicles are more of an investment than other cars. Keeping up with regular maintenance insures your investment is secure.

Exotic Cars Are At The Limit Of What’s Possible

Exotic cars are built with one purpose in mind: performance. The designers and engineers behind your favorite exotic vehicles have spent hours fiddling, fine-tuning, and redesigning every aspect of the car to squeeze out every single possible split second of optimum performance.

This means that the normal operating tolerances tend to be much finer, with much less room for error. A Toyota Corolla engine, for example, isn’t chasing every available horsepower. It can have bigger tolerances in part sizes, as well as a larger range of acceptable parameters for oil weight and viscosity, carbon build-up, and even fuel types.

Your Lamborghini, on the other hand? To deliver every horsepower promised, it needs to stay in between a very specific threshold, and the best way to keep it there is exotic car repair by a reputable luxury car mechanic.

Keep Yourself Safe In Your Exotic Car

Being on the edge of performance comes with risks. Something going wrong at 20mph is not as scary as something failing at 200mph. If you plan to take your exotic car to a race track and truly experience what it can do, maintenance is incredibly important to ensure your car is within the manufacturer’s specifications. This will greatly reduce the chance of something going wrong and getting hurt.

Exotic Car Repair Is Expensive

When it comes down to it, the main reason you want to keep your exotic car in peak condition is to limit the number of visits to your local mechanic. Repairs on an exotic are rarely cheap. While that $1000 service may seem daunting now, trust us: it’s far less scary than the potential $10,000 repair that could have been avoided if a maintenance item was just replaced.

Exotic Car Repair And More In Pompano Beach

When it comes to your very special car, you need a very special mechanic. Our workshop of ASE technicians at Foreign Affairs Motorwerks can put your mind at ease. As a shop of car enthusiasts just like you, we understand how important your exotic is to you. Our team has worked on everything from GT-Rs to Saleens and everything in between.

Whether your Ferrari is being feisty or your Lamborghini is being lazy, call us today at (954) 746-0488 to get your exotic back in its fastest form!

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