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European Auto Repair

13th Dec

Common Audi Repair Issues (& How To Fix Them)

Audi is a popular luxury automaker that has a great reputation for its high capability and performance vehicles. Many people believe that Audi produces top…

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29th Oct

Vintage Rolls-Royce Repair: Replacing Original Parts

Rolls-Royce has become synonymous with being the very best, to the point where other brands often describe their product as the “Rolls-Royce of”. What makes…

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11th Oct

Dealer vs. Auto Shop | Which Is Better For European Auto Repair

When it comes to European auto repair, the age-old question remains. Should you go to the dealership or an independent Auto Shop? Although dealerships often…

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17th Sep

What To Do About A Cracked Engine Block

One of the scariest things a car owner can experience is having a cracked engine block. While in some circumstances you can still drive the…

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6th Sep

Signs That Your Car Needs A New Distributor

Before we have a look at what could go wrong with your car’s ignition system, we need to understand it a little better. The first…

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3rd Sep

Transmission Failure 101

So far, we’ve discussed the maintenance of transmission systems and what different types of automatic transmission are commonly available. This has brought us to the…

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30th Aug

How To Spot And Prevent A Radiator Leak

One of Hollywood’s signature cinema moves is to have a car break down by overheating and having a blast of steam blow out from under…

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27th Aug

Car Repair – Diagnosing A Bad Fuel Injector

The carburetor used to be the go-to solution for mixing air and fuel in a car’s engine but it has been almost completely been phased…

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23rd Jul

Wear And Tear Repair – Do I Need New Brake Rotors

A brake rotor probably isn’t something that you think about much. In fact, some of you may not know what a brake rotor is. To…

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26th Apr

Why Is My Mercedes Engine Vibrating?

We all like our cars to run smoothly and quietly. However, engine vibration is something that can gradually creep up on you until it becomes…

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