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Ask A Mercedes Repair Shop: What Are Common Mercedes Issues?

Mercedes Repair Shop

Mercedes Benz’s are known for their reliability, performance, and luxury. However, even German-engineered luxury cars are known to have certain issues that persist over time. Although these problems can be investigated and fixed, it’s helpful knowing what the common Mercedes issues are. This way you can be proactive about preventing them before they happen. Here’s our Mercedes repair shop list of the most common car problems.

Engine Mounts

Over time, your Mercedes engine mounts may give trouble as they start to loosen. Mercedes engine mounts are filled with oil and they play the role of smoothing out any vibrations that come from the engine. The trick is to keep an eye on these at around 100,000 miles, as this is when they start to leak oil.

The main indication of failing engine mounts is an excessive vibration in the cabin and also on the steering wheel. This can happen when you are revving but might be most apparent when you’re idling. Mercedes engine mounts are best replaced by a Mercedes repair shop as this job can take several hours to do properly.

Window Regulators

This is the mechanism that moves your windows up and down. Window regulators do the hard work every time you decide to open or close a window. Although these can fail on any car, they tend to be more prone to failure on ML-Class and C-Class models. Luckily, window regulators can be replaced easily. You will want to make sure that you have a certified replacement regulator when it comes to replacing the faulty one.


One of the benefits of Mercedes Benz vehicles is their reliability. The downside of this is that rust is inevitable over time. Some older Mercedes-Benz models such as the 240D were known to have close to a million miles on the clock whilst still going strong. This doesn’t stop floors and other vulnerable rust spots from corroding over time.

It’s best to get hold of a flashlight and do a proper rust inspection around your car. Make sure you check everywhere possible, including the fender areas, under the doors, behind the license plate, and under the hood. The sooner you can get the rust sorted by an authorized body panel facility the better.

Transmission Issues

Some Mercedes Benz’s have known to have minor transmission issues. The main culprits are the 13-pin electrical connector and the valve body. The connectors can sometimes leak transmission fluid which can damage the transmission control module. The Valve body serves as the brain of the transmission. Any issues here can lead to delayed or incorrect shifting, as well as banging and knocking sounds. Repairs on these are relatively inexpensive and it’s best to get a Mercedes repair shop to do the job for you.

Catalytic Converters

You may be wondering what these even do. In a nutshell, a catalytic converter is an exhaust emission control unit that reduces the toxicity of gases that come from the engine. These units can be temperamental around the 60,000-mile mark and you might require a replacement. Over time they can become clogged, losing their effectiveness.

An oxygen sensor may trigger a warning sign which will lead to your engine light may light up. Over time, as a catalytic converters condition deteriorates, you may notice decreased performance and misfiring. Genuine replacement units can be costly, and we recommend that you consult your trusted repair facility for the best advice on a replacement unit.

Check Your Engine Light

A common Mercedes problem leads to your engine light coming on when the gas cap hasn’t been tightened fully. The simple fix is to ensure that you tighten your gas cap properly every time that you fill-up with gas. This is an easy problem to overlook but luckily it has an easy solution. If your engine light is still coming on after tightening your gas cap, there could be other issues that need to check out by a mechanic.

Your Trusted Mercedes Repair Shop 

At Foreign Affairs Motorwerks, our team of expert auto mechanics are ready to assist with any Mercedes related mechanical problem that you might be facing. Our team specializes in all common repairs and we’ll be able to get to the bottom of your car problem quickly. We also offer several scheduled maintenance plans which is the best way to prevent any unforeseen car problems. Call us today at (954) 746-0488 to get your Mercedes fixed up and back on the road in pristine condition as soon as possible!

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